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Sunny Bach more like Sunny Bust

16 February 2016

Last night was quite shocking, it was for me anyway, last night television hit a completely new low, one like I have never seen before! I watched, or should I say started to watch, a program called “ What Happens in Sunny Beach” this program blow my mind.

WHISB is a documentary which follows the lives of a group of twenty something’s who are either holiday repping or holidaying in the area, they do not get to see much day late and I would imagine that once they return home they need a month off to recover from what they have either drunk or taken or both!

Sunny Beach is a seaside resort in Bulgaria – I knew this because some of our very lovely London escorts come from the area, during the summer the weather there is dazzling – today it is in the mid seventies, and the beaches are out of this world, they line the Blacksea, people are travelling to Sunny Beach or Bulgaria as a change to the normal places like Turkey, Romania is also on the way up as a holiday destination.

When I was young, I think I just had an Uncle Albert moment there! One of the most shocking TV programs was about Ibiza, it followed the same formula and followed the group around on their summer in the sun, at the time this seemed rather shocking but made a whole generation of British kids want to don their shorts and head out to the Island – still today Ibiza is one of the most popular 18-30 Islands. What I watched last night was far more outrageous than anything I had ever seen and I think that the cherry on the cake was when Nips, a rather dim witted individual named nips because he likes nipples – well done mate, I very much doubt you will ever get to see any real ones on real people, Nips and friends thought that it would be a great idea to put a firework up his bum , yes read it again a FUCKING firework up his bottom and light it, what div would ever think that this was going to work out ok?

The screen after the explosion was not funny, in fact I could not believe that Channel 4 had allowed it to be aired! Nips jumping about, shitting himself, screaming in pain was not funny, it was gross, further more the idiot didn’t hightail it to the hospital, oh no! He had to go out and get a drink, not just one drink 15 shots, all the while talking about how he thought he had just shit himself again. At that point I had switched off, I had gone pass the point of “ what am I watching’ it was just vile.

Come of Channel 4 get back in the game, its no small wonder escort agencies are so busy with crap like this on the TV.


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