The summer holidays are over

01 August 2017

The school holidays are nearly over! Thank God, I can’t wait for everything to get back to normal. Over the summer we have had so many London escorts that have been away on holiday – loads of the girls head back home for a week or two but then divert to somewhere nice and hot to spend a few weeks in the sun working on their tans! I love a tanned lady, some of my favourite escorts are the darker skinned ones, I am not saying that I have never had a blonde or that I will never have another blonde, I like to see a couple of girls a week, but I always head towards a brunette.

Daisy is one of my go to girls these days – great looking and what she does she does so well, Daisy sent a couple of weeks in Spain for her holiday this year and come back looking great, she always get a all over tan with not very many white bits. I would love to see Daisy lazing around the side of the tiny in a very small bikini and high heels!

I also have a little thing for Erika, I have only been out with her once but boy! What a lady, her figure is so tight, every single curve is where it should be and she holds herself so well. I also like Erikas style – not as full on as Daisy but she pulls it off in a completely different way which is nice to see. Erika has spent a couple of weeks in the South of France this year and I know that she is off again soon. On a little note for those of you with a foot fetish Erika has every sexy soles and always beautiful painted toes!

One of the newest girls who really pushes my buttons is Evie, she lives in Bayswater and really is my type of girl, I love those big lips of hers, I’ll leave it up to your imagination where I love seeing them going and let me tell you that Evie does it so great. 

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