What would you pay?

13 September 2014

So I have just finished reading an article about very expensive escorts and even I am shocked at the price that some of these ladies are charging, really what has shocked me the most is not the amount of money but the type of lady that is charging it.

What I would like you to do is take a minute and read about these so called “high price escorts”, take a look at their pictures and let me know what you think. I have just spent the past 30 minutes flicking through their profiles and reading a little bit about them, and I have to report that if I were to part with £2000 per hour for one I would be wholeheartedly disappointed. Firstly I cannot say that these girls are not that good looking. I once wrote an article that was all about Sophie Anderton, I went into her history as an escort in London and what she used to charge. Sophie worked as an escort around 10 years ago and even back then she was charging £10,000 a night, come on people who would pay that for her? What is the difference between her and someone like Ann, now Ann charges £150 for an incall for an hour or £200 per hour for an outcall, she lives in a beautiful mews house, which, no matter what walk of life you are from is beautiful and she looks great, she looks healthy and will show you the best time ever! A full overnight with her, £1000, is £9000 less than Sophie Anderton and I promise that you are going to leave Bayswater feeling very good about yourself.

So my question once again is “ what is all the fuss about these expensive escorts?”, why do people think that they are so different from the types of ladies that we so proudly display on this site? There is absolutely no way that they are better looking, here at Dior we have the most beautiful escorts available.

Let's take the real life version of Belle, the most famous London escort ever, Dr Brooke Magnanti, this lady is not the best looking and yet she charged £300 per hour, people that I know personally that saw her said that there was a real let down with her services and yet people would pay whatever she demanded now to see her, although she no longer escorts.

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