£200 Plus

This is a hard choice gallery! Why? Well because the caliber of ladies in this gallery is just so dam great! Take a moment to check each one of these beautiful £200 per hour London escorts out and you will see what I mean, I have no idea how you are going to make the decision, I’m just very pleased that I am not faced with it.

Incall and outcalls

The girls in this gallery start their rates from £200 for an hour incall and £250 for an hour outcall, it is very rare that any of these ladies will do 30 min bookings and most certainly please do not ask fro a discount. I very much doubt that Rachael or the girl in question will be pleased with that one. Like the other price galleries these escorts are located across London – Bayswater is very popular as well as Paddington, and the girls do have very nice apartments.

If you are booking an outcall then please do bear in mind that all the rates, even the overnight bookings, are subject to taxi fare. Rachael will of course outline this in the confirmation text that gets sent out to you.

Blonde or brunette?

That’s a hard one, the choice of super sexy blondes and brunettes at £200 an hour is massive, I think that the best way for you to get around this decision is to book a duo with one of each type of lady – there are some really great choices for you to make.

How to book?

To book an incall is so so simple and its like any other booking, you phone up, tell us which lady you want to see and Rachael does the rest. Once you receive the confirmation text you are on your way. An outcall takes a little more work and you will need to give us a little more information again all dealt with in the strict confidence – if not we would not have been around for so long!

Which duos would I book.

There is a great choice of these £200 an hour ladies to pick from to book a duo with, the cost for a 1 hour duo would be £400, If I were booking then I would strongly look at Pamela and Kim – but that’s just me, located over in Kensington and really great fun.

Do the girls look like their pictures?

Even though we have been going for so long we still get asked that question. The answer as always is yes. More and more of the across London are adding selfies to their profiles to show what they look like in real life, remember that some photo shopping does take place with their professional pictures and that hair and make up are professionally done but with selfies it is clear and cut – although some of the girls need a little more help getting the photo just right. As time goes on I think that we will be seeing more of this and to me that’s a very good thing

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