A feature on Nicky

11 February 2014

Welcome to our first ever feature on one of our ladies, as you are all well aware we spend a lot of time making sure that the escort we work for are the very best and this is a great time to showcase them.

My first pick for this has got to be Nicky, a stunning and stylish brunette who is based in Bayswater, this is the reason that I chose this young lady, you see Bayswater is located next door to Paddington, along the borders the areas do become somewhat enter weaved. Both Paddington and Bayswater have W2 postcode, so if you are a little unsure you can become easily lost.

As you will see from her picture this young lady is hot, what you cannot see from her pictures is the great range of beautiful outfits that are piled up in her wardrobe. Nicky lives to please and boy does she do that, you will be happy to know that she enjoys dressing up and also how good she looks, Nicky also loves to wear sexy heels which are sure to get your pulse racing.

A 1-hour incall with this lady will cost you a mere £150 which I am sure you will agree is a small amount for the pleasure that you are going to get.

Visit her profile, you will find out more about this lovely escort in the Bayswater category which is located down the left-hand side of the website.

Nicky knows the area of Bayswater very well, so if you are new to it and would like someone to show you around then this is the girl, I can’t imagine the Big Bus Company giving you a guide with an ending like this!

If you wish to see Nicky with another of our lovely escorts then please feel free to check out the duo gallery where you will see whom Nicky partners up with best, this young lady is open minded and beautiful so you can’t really want more.

Hyde Park is located towards the south of Bayswater and although we are not having the weather for it at the moment, I am writing this in February while the UK is suffering from some of the worst rain it has ever seen, is a perfect place to enjoy the company of Nicky. Located around the edge of the park yet still in Bayswater are some delightful little pubs which will offer you a bolthole away from the madness of day-to-day life.