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Push and pull, give and take. For every action, there is a reaction. These are the fundamental principals of the universe which also happen to apply to the wonderful world of fetishes! Tie and tease is quickly becoming one of the most popular fetishes in the country which is why we have made a designated page for all of your Tie and Tease needs!

What is Tie and Tease?

The concept of tie and tease is pretty self-explanatory, according to the universally accredited, Urban dictionary: “Tie and tease is the practice of tying your partner and teasing them repeatedly to the point of orgasm but denying” 

If you’re new to the world or “edging” the very concept may be a little hard to grasp at first. In the simplest form, it is bringing your partner to the point of orgasm without allowing them to climax. What is the point you may be asking yourself? Well, the build-up of tension and anticipation can actually lead to a bigger orgasm than you would have ever thought possible and add the element of being tied up and you really have a night to remember. 

Tie and tease falls into the bondage category of sexual fetishes and is slightly masochistic. The very nature of someone having complete control over you as you lay there motionless is a metaphor for giving up the physical power you may have over someone. Tie and tease escorts are often very petite and have smaller frames. These girls would never get the chance to be physically dominating over someone in their real-life so the oppertunity to act out their fantasies and get paid for it is a chance they cannot turn down. 

Why book a Tie and tease escort with Dior 

If you have not already checkout out our new mistress blog, read about it here. Dior is now evolving into the escort agency for everyone. We have made it our mission to make that regardless of what type of escort you are looking to book, you can find her at Dior. Many of the more specific services have for so long belonged to the more expensive escort agencies, which is why we are here to change that. We want our agency to be an agency that everyone can use, regardless of what it is that you are into. Our tie and tease escorts have been scouted from some of the best Fetish escort agencies in the country to make sure that every time you book one of our girls, you are always going to get a girl that meets your high standards 

What can I expect from a Tie and tease escort 

A Tie and tease escort from Dior will be like nothing you have ever experienced in your life, unless of course you have previously experienced a tie and tease escort from Dior, then it will very much be like that. These girls are straight-up foxes, stunning to look at with great bodies and firm arses. Some of them may not speak the best English but what does it matter when shes milking you dry. These escorts speak the language of love and that is all that really matters. We always recommend having a conversation with your chosen escort before you meet. To make sure that you’re reading off the same page and know what to expect. Our girls are incredible but they are not mind readers if there is something specific that you want then make sure that you let them know. Our girls will be waiting for your call so do not hesitate and book a Tie and tease escort today!

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