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Welcome to Baker Street’s finest! 

When the name Baker Street gets mentioned, you’d first think of two things. Either your mind becomes dirtily filled with the hottest escorts that Baker Street’s area has to offer or it might wander to the famed adventures of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion, Watson. 

Considering you might’ve already seen what’s on this page, it is safe to assume that I am not going to talk about the latter pair. Dior Escorts for the longest time has been a quality agency, connecting you to some of the hottest babes and premium courtesans that London and its surrounding area has to offer and this is not going to change anytime soon. 

The Baker Street Girls 

It goes without saying that every single girl you see in this gallery is objectively beautiful. Even as the owner of this fine establishment, I find myself constantly in awe at how simply beautiful this collection of girls that we have built up is and quite frankly I, myself, am rather impressed. We have almost everything you could ever imagine, whether that is a gorgeous nordic beauty from Sweden or a comforting sweetheart from India - at Dior Escorts, even the sky is no limit. 

This allows you to not have to worry much about not finding the perfect girl for you who performs the services you seek - there is quite literally something for everyone. We hope that you find someone who you not only will enjoy spending a date with, but someone who you like enough to return to and to develop your relationship as escort and client. 

Baker Street - The ideal place for a date 

Baker Street and its surrounding areas are quite a well decorated area, offering older victorian style housing that has been converted into modern apartments with gorgeous interiors and if you’re lucky; beautiful balconies overlooking the concrete jungles of London. 

A majority of our girls in Baker Street are located rather close to the nearest tube station and some are almost directly next to it so as you can imagine, this area is the perfect place to set up an incall apartment for our girls. Every girl who has an incall apartment in this area - whether that is her actual place of living or rented for the express purpose of incall dates - puts a great deal of effort into making sure that these apartments are not only presentable but pleasant to be in. A lot of cleaning and overall hard work is put in to make this a reality. 

The Circle Line will get you to Baker Street in a moment’s notice if there are no delays and as you enter, I recommend grabbing a sandwich from Marks & Spencers and before you even get a chance to take a bite out of it, you’ll be in the hands of one of our girls. Baker Street station is one of the best locations in London; this is because it is served by so many lines - it is easily accessible from nearly any part of London. The five total lines serviced at Baker Street station are: Bakerloo, Circle, Jubilee, Metropolitan, Hammersmith and City lines; so as you may see, no matter where you are in London, you can easily get to one of our hot escorts in Baker Street. 

Baker street is filled with great opportunities! 

There are countless opportunities in any part of London, but there isn’t an area that this applies to more than Baker Street. Filled with great outings, such as Madame Tussauds WaxWorks, which opened in 1884, a truly great and engaging date experience only about 5 minutes away from the station. Always remember to try to beat the crowds by making a reserve booking! If you so wished, you could head to Regent Park for a coffee after, before retiring to her incall apartment or your hotel for some sensual fun.
Whether you’re looking for a short and quick 30-minute ticket to nirvana or you wish to be long and tedious with your experiences, Baker Street escorts will have you looked after no matter if you wish to be cuddled and kissed for hours or if you’d rather be tied down and made to be a chair for your Mistress. But now, you may be thinking, how do I book such a great escort? 

How to book an escort in Baker Street? 

Booking the right escort has always been a finicky process. In the old days, before the internet, browsing the streets for the right looking girl for weeks, only to find out that when you found her, she didn't offer the service you’re looking for… disappointing. Those days are far over though! Simply browse any of the extensive galleries that Dior Escorts offers (if you’re looking for escorts in Baker Street, we’d recommend the Baker Street gallery) and once you find a girl that tickles your fancy, give us a call on this number!
Your call will be answered by one of our professional call handlers who will guide you through the booking process and let you know everything you need to know to be ready for your date. You will also have a chance to talk to our receptionist and discuss any special requests or queries you might have for your date. If you’ve done this, there is nothing else left to do except wait and prepare for your date! 


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