27 March 2023

Booking Etiquette: The Ultimate Guide To Escort Meet Up

Our etiquette blog will help you make the most of your time with a London escort!

05 January 2023

The Guide To Booking London Escorts - 2023 Update

Booking London escorts is more popular then ever before, so we thought we would create the ultimate guide to booking escorts in case you are looking to join the trend

15 May 2023

The Ultimate Companion

What to Expect from a High-End London Escort

10 May 2023

Uniforms and outfits that the clients love escorts to wear

Love a women in uniform? Then you're at the right place, learn more about the most requested outfits and uniforms!

07 May 2023

The Most Popular Type of London Escorts

If you want to know what types of London escorts are booked the most then this is the place to look

06 May 2023

Where would you even start to look for an escort

If you have never booked an escort before and don't know where to start, this is your first port of call.

30 April 2023

About us

Learn a little something about the team here at your favourite London escort agency.

25 April 2023

The History of Escorting in London

A dive back in history to look at what is now one of the most popular pursuits in history

20 April 2023

The Impact of the Internet on Londons Escorting Industry

The advancements in tech have made it so much easier to book time with a beautiful lady.

01 April 2023

Buying a gift for the escort you are going to see

A gift is a great idea but remember its done out of the kindness of your heart heres some advice

27 March 2023

The Rise of Women for Women Escorts

Female escorts for women have been increasingly in demand here at Dior Escorts, which is why we have a gallery full of them!

26 March 2023

The most common fetish requests of our escorts

So many fetishes and so little time, where would you start?

24 March 2023

Dior Escorts Commitment to Client Safety

We advise you only to book through online agencies with a strong reputation, good reviews and clear safety policies to ensure you can book the experience you deserve worry-free.

22 March 2023

Why are Russian escorts so popular?

The quality of Russian escorts is just getting better and better, read here why these ladies are so popular




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