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This is a very sought-after item when it comes to looking for which escort to book and that is why we have added a full category to the website to accommodate it, our blog about escorts in uniforms just didn’t have the same effect and therefore we thought this would make it so much easier to you to pick which escorts wearing a uniform you would choose.

Why have an escort in a uniform?

It’s just dam right sexy, let’s be honest, no point in beating around the bush because we all know what we are looking for when we are trying to book a lady.

It’s a fantasy, it’s something that many will not get at home, perhaps you are frightened to ask the wife / girlfriend? Perhaps you did and it’s not a bit of her? Perhaps you don’t have either and you are just looking for some fun! Whatever the reason it’s a good one and it’s the reason that you have visited this website, please don’t feel embarrassed, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just the way that it is.

Which of the girls have uniforms?

So many of them, there is such a vast and varied choice of escorts in London whom have uniforms. Fortunately for you, you're at the best place to find such ladies. There is a massive choice here at our agency and they are displayed in this very gallery.

Which ever girl takes your eye, click on her profile picture – which will take you through to the girls full profile and listed on each and every girls gallery is the uniforms or sexy outfits that the girl owns. Some of them have a much better selection that the others.

What are the most popular requests.

Nurse – lets play Doctor and nurse please, one of the biggest fantaies of any man or woman – yes women love a little bit of play as well. Are we talking about a standard NHS nurse here whose just finished a 12 hour Friday night shift, no we are talking about a very sexy nurse ala Barbara Windsor in the Carry on Films!

Police lady – who wouldn’t want to get arrested by a sexy police arm, arm up your back, getting pushed around! I think it’s the black stocks that do it for me. When anyone talks about sexy police ladies the Fools and Horse episode with Del Boy always jumps to mind – if you don’t know what I am talking about then you are missing out!

Air stewardess – a sexy flight attendant is always a good thing, not too sure what the girls who work at EasyJet would think about the type of uniform I have in mind but that doesn’t matter for now. A very sexy air stewardess can really get you going and who wouldn’t let one of our busty escorts pour them a drink?

Secretary – A babe in black shirt, black stockings, black high heels bending over your desk – well that’s doing bits for me already because the thought of any one of these unreal babes would drive me mad, if they worked for me I don’t think I would get anything at all done.

Make you booking.

Look through the gallery and pick the lady or ladies – if you are brave enough, that you want to see. Call up Rachael on 07504335308 and let her do all the hard work! Its done, so simple, so easy and the hardest part of what you got to do is picking the girl!

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