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There are a lot of different fetishes out there and our gorgeous escorts are able to handle all of them, and this includes a smoking fetish. There is something extremely sexy, sultry and appealing about smoking with a beautiful woman. This is why it’s a relatively common fetish, but one that is hard to enjoy without a willing participant. Luckily, many of our escorts like smoking just as much as you do. 

Whether you want to find a woman to smoke with you or you simply enjoy sitting back and watching how alluring a woman can be when she is smoking herself, you have come to the right place. At Dior Escorts, we have a number of stunning escorts who are always keen to smoke with someone else.


Smoking Fetish Escorts

Though a smoking fetish is common, it’s not always easy to find an attractive woman to smoke with. After all, smoking isn’t for everyone. Instead of choosing an escort and running the risk of her being a non-smoker, why not choose from our impressive list of escorts who smoke? These are women who appreciate the enjoyment, appeal and satisfaction of smoking. You could enjoy a smoke before sex or after, whatever takes your fancy. All you need to do is let our escort know and she will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Some people enjoy relaxing before sex by smoking, finding it to be the ideal way to unwind and to get in the mood for some fun in the bedroom. For others, it’s a post sex smoke that really ticks the box. They find it to be the perfect end to a satisfying sexual session, and we can see why. Whatever camp you fall into, you will always be able to find a gorgeous escort for your smoking fetish at Dior Escorts. In fact, you are likely to be spoiled for choice.


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At Dior Escorts, you will find a number of escorts who also enjoy smoking. These are the best escorts for anyone with a smoking fetish, as they are just as keen as you are to kick back and relax with a cigarette or something a little stronger. All you need to do is browse our selection of escorts and choose your ideal woman, then arrange a time and a place to explore your smoking fetish. You will be smoking with an escort and embracing your smoking fetish in no time at all.


Smoking Escorts at Dior Escorts

There are a lot of escorts at Dior Escorts, which means there is something for everyone. We have tall girls and petite girls, blonde girls and brunette girls. We have women who are busty and curvy, as well as those that are smaller. When we say that there is a smoking fetish for everyone, we really do mean. Get in touch with Dior Escorts to find out more about smoking escorts.

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