Tattooed Escorts

How times have changed and we have moved on and the ladies in this gallery just go to showcase this perfectly. This ladies and gentlemen are our escorts with tattoos gallery page.

The girls here are pretty unique and their number is going each and every day. Here at Dior Escorts, we are pleased to be able to bring you some of the very best tattooed escorts in London.

What is it with tattoos?

Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years, in fact, longer, no one will ever really know the first time that someone inked their skin – that’s my opinion! Tattoos were famous on sailors who had travelled the world, hard men and rough necks but that has really changed and in the past 10 years tattoos have come into the mainstream – well for me they have.

Now the number of people with them is massive and I am pleased to say the effort that has gone into them has really got a lot more detailed. Everyone can now have them, they are works of art and we think they really add to the unique beauty of some of our girls. Listen, tattooed escorts may not be for everyone, but for those guys who love their girls inked up, this gallery of tattooed companions is perfect for you.

London escorts with tattoos

The real thing that this gallery is all about, and boy do we have some, is a really great girl. Some of the ladies in this gallery have amazing sleeves – that is where the full arm is completely tattooed, you can even have a half sleeve. Some have sexy designs on their backs, I even saw one very beautiful girl once who had a sexy set of angel wings on her back, her skin was very brown and these wings were outlined in a silver – I couldn’t stop looking at them.

Now not all the escorts in this gallery have gone to town that much, some have only had little designs done. Perhaps a tiny name on their arm, a little one on their foot or my favourite – one on their bum check! I have no idea why this would turn me on so much but it does!

Even Rachael from friends got one.

Along with our sexy tattooed escorts in London, one of the sexiest women alive got one! I want you to all cast your minds back to the episode of Friends when Rachael let Ross now that she had one done. At first, the very stiff Ross didn’t like it but once he thought about it you could see the lump grow in his (baggy) jeans – it was the 90s’ after all.

Make your booking with one of our tattooed ladies

Don’t mess around, it's not fair on you or the girls, you know that you want to make this booking so why spend the time looking around!

If you are after seeing a modern, fresh and lovely escort with a tattoo then here is the place to book said girl. We have worked for years to make the booking process as pain-free as possible and I think that we have finally got there. Call Rachael (not the one from friends) now on 07504335308 and book! If you would like to check out another gallery with open-minded ladies in it then check this out

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