MMF Escorts

Let's be honest, everyone has fantasied about having a threesome before. It's a common fantasy for men and women to have. According to doctors, threesomes are all about psychology and can be as addictive as drinking alcohol due to the power and excitement the roles can bring to the bedroom.

Here at Dior Escorts, we have always seen a high demand for gentlemen to meet duo escorts to turn their own threesome fantasies into reality. Now, due to client requests and escorts informing us that they offer the service, we are delighted to bring to you our MMF escorts gallery.


What is an MMF service?

MMF or MMF Threesomes stands for Male Male Female Threesome. Usually, MMF insinuates that one or both of the males are bisexual, but this is not always the case as it is very common for two straight males who are friends or colleagues to enjoy an MMF escort service.

MMF services are available during incalls and outcalls but do come at the cost of double the escorts standard rate, so be aware that both males will be required to pay the standard hourly rate. Both parties must also be stated before the booking to ensure the girl's safety, meaning the service type is not available for short notice bookings.


Why Do Escorts Enjoy MMF Threesomes?

To be honest, you would have thought running an escort agency would make you a more adventurous person, but I must say, I am quite vanilla. I even asked Rachael about MMF threesomes and despite the fact its not something she would be into either, it seems to me that there are a select group of London escorts who love offering the service. So, it got me wondering, why do ladies enjoy MMF?

The question started me down a rabbit hole. I asked some of the escorts in London we represent but none of the girls could really put down in words why they enjoy the MMF service as much as they do. So I started researching.

A study carried out by Dr Ryan Scoats found that:

"threesomes involving two men and one woman were often stigmatised by participants, more women were interested in experiencing the act than not. Women in the study cited increasing their own sexual arousal and providing a safer, less objectifying environment as reasons that they would want to see two men interact sexually during a threesome. The research suggests that the stigma around two male, one female threesome is diminishing and that women are increasingly comfortable pursuing the type of sex they desire.”

If you would like to read more about the interview with Dr Ryan Scoats regarding MMF threesomes, then Vice has a great article here: 


Is It Normal For A Gentleman To Want an MMF Threesome?

If you are asking yourself, is wanting to experience an MMF service with an escort in London normal, then you should stop worrying. I understand there might be an elephant in the room, with the thought 'is this gay' however MMF threesomes are a great way for straight and bisexual guys to experiment in the bedroom. 

In a recent report by wweek, which interviewed gentlemen who have experienced MMF, one guy said

"I consider myself very straight but also have those experiences in my past. I actually think that exploration helped me solidify who I am and what I want."

This shows how the benefits of an MMF threesome are much more helpfully to an overall persons wellbeing than a short term no strings attached bit of fun.


Booking an MMF Escort

In this gallery, you will see the profiles of which escorts offer the MMF service whilst on incall and outcall bookings. I would recommend contacting our agency in advance just to double-check which escorts offer MMF near you as not every one of our girls is able to travel across the entirety of London. You can do this via WhatsApp or our landline phone number which will connect you with Rachael who is always happy to help introduce you to your desire escort service provider.