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If you’re the type of man who gets turned on by the sight of a sexy woman in tight latex then this is the gallery for you. Here you can find the sexiest selection of gorgeous escorts who revel in slipping into latex outfits for your pleasure. 

Latex is a type of rubber that traditionally has been used in protective clothing but somewhere along the way, latex has become more well known for kinky tight costumes worn by those who live a kinky lifestyle. You can’t really blame them either, there is something about the way latex sticks to the body that is almost irresistible. We have had so many requests for escorts to turn up wearing the stuff, so we thought now is the time to make a leap into having a page dedicated to all of our latex babes. 

Why book a Latex escort?

According to a study by UPenn that sampled 10,000-speed daters, you decide whether you’re attracted to someone within 5 seconds. That told us that first impressions really do count for a lot. The outfit that your escort turns up to your apartment can make or break your booking, so if you see a gorgeous blonde with her tits squeezed together in a tight little latex number, you’re probably in for a good night. 

If you’re looking for an agency that doesn’t mess about when it comes to quality, then it has to be us. There is a reason we have the best relationship with our clients and that is because we never let them down. If latex is what you’re after, latex is what you’ll get with us. All of our Latex escorts have a fundamental understanding of what their clients want. You want to see these girls in tiny outfits that are stuck to the sexiest parts of them. 

What is wearing latex like? 

Latex is not like wearing other items of clothing, it is like having a second skin. It completely changes your perception of touch. When something touches your latex covered skin, you can feel every everything but in a completely different way. The slight difference causes a stronger sensation of pleasure, almost like an enhanced sensation. Latex is also air and watertight, meaning that when wearing it you almost feel completely naked. Due to the airtight nature, any swear that you produce gets trapped inside and creates a sauna feeling. If you want to see more of our kinky escorts check out our Domination page.

Book a Latex escort tonight 

If you have always dreamt of spending a night with a girl draped in latex then do not hesitate. The only thing standing between you and the girl of your dreams is yourself. Book one of our gorgeous escorts tonight by calling the number 0203859522 or our online booking page. Our latex escorts are ready and waiting to hear from you so please do not hesitate and book now!

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