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When it comes to picking Chelsea escorts you are at the very best place, our selection of ladies in the area is second to none and we are very pleased with the impression that we are making. Every day we are getting a influx of ladies that want us to represent them but we only chose the best, we only do this because we do not wish to dilute the quality of that we have become known for, we also don’t want people on the phone complaining to use that they are not happy.

Our female Chelsea escorts have some really beautiful places to live and you will be entertained there if you book an incall with one, the girls take great pride not only in themselves but also their homes, you will not find incalls like they have on second rate agencies, clean and fresh is what they believe in and is what you will get.

Chelsea is another of the exclusive districts in London, it is very well known and just recently the television show Made In Chelsea is getting the word out, I am not too certain that it is a good word but people must know that this a show which plays on what the area is about, the one thing that they do not exaggerate is the beauty of the girls, the girls in MIC are some of the best looking on tele but they are surpassed by the beauties here at Dior Escorts.

If I were to book time with a Chelsea escort then what would I go for? Would I base everything purely on looks? Or perhaps I would go for something a little closer to the soul? The truth answer is; I have no idea and it doesn’t matter what I want it only matters what you want! By this I mean no matter what you seek; a 1 hour incall, a overnight outcall, a night in a club with a great looking woman, a night in doors reading with some company, these girls can cover it all.

One of the most exclusive places to take your escort in Chelsea for a night out is; Raffles, 287 Kings Road, SW3 5EW, this is a private members clubs that was opened in 1967, its clientele are amongst some of the most well known and well heeled people in the world and the place is really enjoying the return of its hey day, this is a club where super stars rub shoulders with moguls and where you are only going to get the best. 

Chelsea Harbour escorts

Writing about Chelsea Harbour escorts is not a easy task, you see even through Chelsea Harbour is great there isn’t a great deal there to talk about, so in this piece I will tell you a little about our ladies in Chelsea Harbour, a little about Chelsea Harbour its self and a little about when I had dinner in the great hotel there.

Chelsea Harbour, over looks the Thames, as you can well imagine, and is located at the end of Lots Road, the harbor has a SW10 postcode and comes under the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. At one time the docks in and around London were some of the busiest in the world, fresh food was brought in daily from all corners of the world now these once busy ports that were filled with the smells of a thousand different countries are home to some of the most expensive residential properties that you will find anywhere in the world.

During the property boom of the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s most of the docks were closed and converted and that is what happened to Chelsea Harbor, it took years to convert the area to what you see today and it also took a great deal of time after that for it to “take off”.  At one stage the most famous restaurant in the Harbor was Deal’s, which was part owned by Michael Caine, and located in one of the main buildings, which were to become know as the “ Chelsea Design Centre”.

As you can well imagine Chelsea Harbour was a great draw to many of the rich and famous, the main building there that people sought to purchase a apartment in was the center piece of it all and was to become known simply as the “Simi Circle”, which as the name suggests was built in a semi circle design. Like most of Chelsea the tube links are terrible there but a train station was opened up close by, Imperial Wharf.

As you can imagine the influx of people brought about a interest from the escorts world and the number of escorts in Chelsea Harbour increased and why shouldn’t it, all people love sexy ladies and most wish to see one. The Conran Group opened the first hotel in Chelsea Harbour and this is now known as the Wyndham Hotel, the restaurant there is great, all you need to do is call 0207 823 3000 and you can book a table in one of the best eateries that you will find.

Because of the price’s of the property in Chelsea Harbour it will be very difficult for you to find an incall Chelsea Harbour escort but don’t worry about that as we many girls located close to it. Booking an outcall Chelsea Harbour escort is much easier as the girls love to visit, by using Dior  the sky is really the limit.

Just check out our gallery for the best girls or if you are stuck for choice and don’t know which one you would like to see then feel free to give us a call and we will happy recommend a girl for you to see. If you fancy splashing out then why not book a date with a pair of duo girls to come and visit you.

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