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Perhaps you are looking for a little more from an escort? Well, this gallery here showcases the wonderful ladies from Dior Escorts, who offer London massage services in and around the capital. Read on and you will learn a little about what goes into a massage and just how relaxing they can really be. Our London massage escorts are bound to impress so continue reading know to find out everything you need to know before you book a massage with one of our trained girls.


What are London Massage Services

For years people have been using London massage services to relax and unwind. The rubbing of one's muscles and joints by the hands of someone who has trained for years as a a feeling that can cause of a state of pure bliss. Done correctly, all tension from the body will disappear and that's what our London massage escorts strive for. It is normal to use oil to help the hands – if you are in this gallery for massage London escorts, then these hands will be silky smooth and there is no fear of getting a big hulking man do it, glide over the body starting at the neck and working all the way down to the balls ( I wonder who had a dirty thought there) of the feet. Our experts know how to free up all that soft muscle tissue in ways that you could only dream.


Type of massages

You can have a rehabilitative massage – which will help you get rid of any nicks that you have picked up from training or from day to day life. These tend to be a lot harder and can cause quite a bit of pain to the receiver – if done correctly. I would strongly suggest that you DO NOT USE a London massage service for this one because this is a lot more medical.

Relaxation messages – now these and where our stunning girls come and are the perfect service to book from one of our girls. These are the types of massages where the lights go down low, the candles go on, there’s a nice scent in the room, the masseur is wearing a lovely little silk gowned, there’s music in the background and you are going to leave feeling onto of the world!


Tantric Massages

Tantric massages are an erotic massage type which incorporates tradition with massages targetting the erogenous zones of the body which include the mouth, penis, vagina and anus. The technique is designed to arouse the sexual energy in the people who receives the massage and relax the body and mind.

Our masseuses also perform a wide range of elite tantric massage services which include:

Body to Body massage

A sensual body to body massage is a full body massage which involves you are a masseuse stripping down, being completely naked, covered in oil and having her sexy body rub against yours. Her soft skin, tight body, boob and bum, rubbing against your naked body is all your need to get aroused in order to release your inner demons. 

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is an ancient erotic technique involving the slide of one body against another. As a result of the pressure and strokes of the full physique of a girl it’s known as one of the most intimate and relaxing massage experiences out there.

Aqua massage

An aqua massage or hydromassage is a therapeutic massage techique which involves using water and jets to help massage and relax the muscles and soft tissue in the body. Our masseuses will join you in the water and help you to unwind.

Couples massage

A London couples massage is a deeply erotic experience in which one to two expert masseuses uses tantra to facilitate a whole new form of pleasure between you and your partner. Lie side by side with your partner as you both experience the pleasure of feeling all of your stresses and strains disappear.

Four Hands massage

Four Hands is exactly what it says on the tin. Meaning that instead of one trained masseuse rubbing her hands all over you, you’ve got two. Both ladies will run their hands all over your naked body insync. Double the hands, double the fun! 

Indian Head Massage

The goal of an Indian head massage is to release the built up tension and relieve pain that’s accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, back, neck and shoulders. Our masseuses will expertly sooth you with the soft touch of their hands in order to stimulate blood flow across your upper body and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

From these types of massage I know which one that I prefer and I am guessing that because you are here at Dior Escorts then you do too!


Areas to head to.

You have chosen to visit our website to pick the perfect massage service in London for you, well then you have arrived in the right place because not only do we have the types of ladies that you want but we also have girls located all across the Capital and not just many of our stunning ladies will be happy to pack up their massage kits and head on over to you for an outcall booking – please do remember that we only cover Central London and that taxi fares will be added to the ladies outcall rate! You would want the girl having to get the bus, would you?

Our galleries are changing every day of the week with new girls being added, familiar faces disappearing into the night, holidays and days off so it is always well-advised that you check with Rachael who is available on the day or make a pre-booking if there is a particular London massage escort that you would like to see. This is very simple to do, you just have to call and speak with Rachael – don’t worry she won't bite and arrange your time together.

A very popular area to head to is our Kensington gallery as a great deal of the girls in that area are very skilled

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