Domination Escorts

Let's be honest, every gentleman has some sort of secret fantasy they want to fulfil. That is what adds to the excitement of it all. Many men see domination services as a forbidden fantasy, maybe even a taboo that they just aren't allowed to enjoy, until now. It is time to stop suppressing your urges and look to see which domination escorts London are available in your area. But first you need to discover, are you a dom or sub? Learning your role will help you get the most out of your experience with a London dominatrix


Are you a Dom or a Sub?

Domination escort services are companionship services which involve an escort taking full control of the date in order to dominate and belittle them to achieve pleasure. Domination normally involves one stronger party and a more obedient, submissive, person who is there simply to do as they are told - most might say that sounds like a relationship.

Dom - The dominant is normally referred to as either the mistress (female) or the master (male). This person takes control of the date and ensures their slave does everything they ask. As we are a female escort agency you will only find Mistress’s on this site. Normally they work around roleplay and it is here that the escapism and fantasy truly come to life.

Sub - On the other side, there is a sub. A sub is there to only perform what they are told to do, a sub is not allowed to make up their own mind, they are a slave. It is their Mistress’s job to do make sure that the sub feels pleasure through pain where that be mental or physical. Most of our Mistress’s like to have their boots or shoes licked clean, perhaps their feet scrubbed after they have gone for a walk, that is right the sub is the bitch!

Now its time to ask yourself, what am I?  - Do you like being told what to do or do you enjoy being in charge of a situation? If you want to be shown who's boss by a strong lady who is happy to whip and verbally abuse you then you are a submission. A lot of play can take place in a dungeon where you might beg for mercy or for more punishment. If you have been a naughty sub, you will definitely be punished inside a domme dungeon. 

If you are looking for a domination London escort booking then you have got to look nor further because here is the best ladies in London for you to see, with our dominatrix escorts you will have the most awful time and leave feeling pain. Be prepared to beg, be prepared to whimper but most of all be prepared to serve.

I would advise anyone who is interested in meeting one of the best domination escorts London has to offer to remember communication is extremely important. You want to establish your pain and pleasure boundaries in order to achieve ecstasy whilst remaining safe - don't forget to create a safe word. Discuss your desires with your mistress and let your mind run wild. Remember, this is the most extreme experience you may experience with an escort, so don't be tame.


Domination Escorts London

Unlike London escorts, there are not as many ladies who are trained mistresses who can dominate a gentleman. It takes a special kind of strong women who can have a man on his knees begging for more. Unfortunately, this means that the choice of ladies isn't as great as our entire gallery, but don't be disappointed.

Our London mistresses specialise in the art of domination. Each lady has a dedicated mistress image gallery showing off their beauty in latex or PVC just for you. You will find ladies with whips and handcuffs also in their images, so be prepared to meet ladies who are experienced in bondage and spanking. These ladies love getting into character, an alter ego maybe and putting their skills to the test to see how fair then can push their client to the breaking point in order to achieve a feeling of bliss.

If you want to be dominated and turn your fantasy into reality, you are really going to have to book one of our dominatrix escorts in London. we have an experienced selection of the most beautiful and sexy mistress’s whom all have a great selection of whips, paddles, chains, latex, leather and PVC these sexy ladies, who may I add are not to be messed with. Afterall there is nothing wrong with a little sinful pleasure and erotic fulfilment.


What Are the Benefits Of Being Dominated

Most people have an inner desire that they just feel like they can't live out. With domination, it's not all about being abused, even though it can be a big part, but instead, the anticipation and surprise that comes with being turned into a slave. It is not good for your health to fight against these urges especially when being dominated by mistresses has been proven to release stress, improve mental health and improve relationship especially if you enjoy the services together.

With this in mind, it may be clear to see why men who live demanding lives enjoy being dominated. Being dominated can help relax and release stress. This theory is supported by study researchers took out which found huge health benefits to BDSM services.

Researchers surveyed 902 BDSM practitioners and 434 non-participants and found that those who enjoyed BDSM-related activities had shared certain psychological characteristics, like being "less neurotic, more extraverted, more open to new experiences, more conscientious and less rejection-sensitive" than the control (or vanilla) group. In short, BDSM practitioners' sex lives made them a whole lot less stressed. 

As you can see by the study, BDSM practitioners were less stressed than non-believers. So maybe it's time that you stopped fighting your urges now!


Find Domination Services All In 1 Place

Here at Dior Escorts, we have created a hub so kinky gentlemen can find all of the domination escort services available in London. We have always been at the forefront of publishing more information about the kinky side of escorting with articles about escorts with strapons and role play and now we have decided to offer a dedicated gallery of mistresses who are trained to punish you.

Click on the different domination types to find out more information about each domme service and which escorts are skilled mistresses offering the services now.

Note: Due to the fact there are not as many domination escorts compared to our main gallery of girls in London, these services may not be offered across every location we usually cover, so be sure to contact Rachael in advance by calling 02038595225