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Picture the scene: You’re bent over a bed, you’ve got a gorgeous escort dressed in sexy lingerie standing behind you. She tells you that you have been a very naughty boy and smacks you as hard as you thought was humanly possible on your raw arse. A sharp pain hits you as the electricity pulsates through your body. 
There is no need to imagine anymore, we can turn your wildest fantasies into reality tonight! Welcome to our spanking escorts page, the only place that you can find the naughtiest selection of escorts who are not only willing to spank you but revel in the idea of inflicting pain. 

What is Spanking? 

If you don’t already know, spanking is the act of striking the arse cheek with a large amount of force, using either your bare hand or an instrument. Spanking was traditionally a form of corporal punishment for criminals throughout the middle ages and for many years seen only as a form of punishment. In modern times, spanking has evolved greatly and is now one of the most popular fetishes in the world. Thanks to the references to spanking in popular culture, spanking has been accepted into the mainstream which is great for you naughty little puppies out there who love the pain. 

Why Spanking? 

If you never have experienced the joy of being whipped or beaten from behind then you may not quite understand the true pleasure that can come from it. The sensation of mixing the pleasure and pain is well documented in our dominatrix page, but the special sensation that spanking brings is something completely unique and undeniably erotic. Most people who partake in spanking describe the sensation as “piercing”. The rush of adrenaline that is built up through the anticipation of incoming pain and the release of endorphins as the paddle strikes is one of the most orgasm-inducing sensations you can hope to achieve. 
According to Marie Claire, spanking can help with stress relief, which may explain why spanking is so popular with businessmen who live fast-paced lives. The reason being is that the very act is a submission of power. When letting a spanking escort take the reigns of your night, you are admitting you true status as a sub, relinquishing power lifts all of the psychological burdens that you carry with you. 

Different types of spanking 

Spanking comes in many different shapes and sizes so you’re options with a spanking escort in London are unlimited. First of all, there are different levels of severity. Some people like a gentle stroke whilst others like to be whipped like Red Rum. Make sure you have a conversation with your spanking escort beforehand to make sure you’re both reading off the same hymn sheet or you can land yourself in pretty hot water. 
Secondly, you have a good number of different tools that can be incorporated into a spanking session including but not limited to: Paddles, whips, bats, hands, canes and sticks. Some of our spanking escorts carry these tolls with them but if you want to be sure, ask when booking and we can try and find the escort who has the tools for you. Make sure you check out all of our other domination services also!

Book a spanking escort now! 

If you’re ready to book a spanking escort and one of the girls on our site has taken your fancy then what are you waiting for? Our friendly team are ready and waiting for your call. They will be waiting for your call!

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