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Do you fantasize about a sexy girl peeing on you, near you or as simple as in front of you? On this page, you will find our entire gallery of watersports escorts who perform services such a (giving) golden showers.

The slang terminology for someone urinating (weeing) on another person for sexual pleasure has become one of the most common fetishes along with foot fetishes and bondage. Watersports have been one of the most demanded services her at Dior Escorts and we have finally decided to add a brand new category so you can find all the ladies who enjoy offering watersport services in London all in one place. 


Golden Showers - Our Advice

According to Women's Health Magazine, 1 in 6 people have a sex fetish. They reported that even Donald Trump has a strong liking for golden shower sex acts. Despite this, due to the fact watersports and golden showers are fetishes, it can be hard to connect with like-minded people and this can lead to you not receiving the right advice. Luckily for you, we've done our research. We've searched the internet (here a great Vice article about Golden showers) along with asking our escort girls who offer the service for the best advice for anyone looking to book watersports escorts and here is what we discovered.


If you are the giver or receiving of the services you need to make sure that you have drunk a lot of water and maintain a good level of hydration. For what we have read, it seems like if you aren't hydrated and have only drunk 3 cups of coffee that day, your wee can really have a bad smell. 

Plan out the experience is a must. If you rush into it with a golden showers escort who knows you may end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. No one wants wee all over their bed and no one wants to be spending all their time in a toilet with an escort.


The age-old question of do you spit or swallow should only be answered as a spitter when it comes to watersports. To be honest, it's really up to you if you want to swallow the wee as you won't see any negatives to your health. Just keep in mind, wee remains quite warm so it may take your date, partner or escort by surprise and lead to them running to the bathroom to be sick.

Another don't would be, just not to be stupid. Do not try to go to the extreme and wee inside a girls vagina as it can cause yeast infections.


Booking a Watersports Escort in London

If you would like to finally live out your fantasy, then why not call our agency today. You can contact us at 02038595225 and Rachael will be more than happy to introduce you to one of the best watersport escorts London has to offer.

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