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Welcome to the Ancient Parish of London! 

The area of Marylebone is a small, historic parish in the general area of London. This chic residential area garners a lot of attention for a multitude of reasons. First of all, it features a ton of incredibly famous, world renowned tourist attractions which generate most of the traffic that Marylebone sees. Other than such attractions as Madame Tussauds, The Sherlock Holmes Museum or the historic Georgian museum that holds the Wallace collection of art and period appropriate furnishing you have countless smaller independent shops and boutiques all kept together by a close-knit village vibe to the area ensuring that any stay to Marylebone is a welcome one. 

Marylebone is also a great area to be located in because it is incredibly connected to the rest of London via the tube. The Marylebone station is a grand rail and tube hub housed in a building completed in the 1880’s that holds its era appropriate flourish and style in a grand sense. When you start exploring the area, you’ll soon come to find that Marylebone is one of the better places to live in London, attracting a lot of high society types with grandiose mansions and victorian style housing on the back streets. 

Don’t spend this wonderful time alone! 

One of the biggest reasons that some clients turn to us for help is exactly this. Some people may be visiting on business or vacation but one thing is common amongst all these clients - they have a busy full schedule with no one to share this experience with. After all, what is the point in seeing everything London has to offer if you have no one to discuss it with, no one to hold in your lonely hotel room after and more importantly, no one to make a deeply stimulating connection with. 

This is where Dior Escorts comes into play! For the longest time, we have been a quality provider who puts you in contact with some of the hottest escorts and premium models that London and its surrounding area has to offer; so, if you’re ever in need of a high class companion to accompany you on your travels or visits, regardless of your arrangements or preferences, browse Dior Escorts! 

The best selection in all of London 

Here at Dior Escorts, we strive to achieve such a godly gallery that you simply won’t have another reason to visit any other agency. We work really hard to compile and represent only the hottest girls who all excel in their field, every single one of whom bring something great and new to their services. This means that it no longer matters if you’re in the market for a great and intimate brunette who will look after you with sweet caresses or a commanding and alluring blonde who will turn you into her personal sex toy for the duration of your meeting - Dior has it all. 

Additionally, we also have a different way of browsing. Most people tend to use the location galleries for their browsing experiences because this is the easiest way to find hot babes and cheap escorts in your chosen area(s), but, if you like to be a bit more meticulous about your choice, we also offer a sort by service way of searching. This means that if you aren’t set on what type of girl you wish to see and instead prefer to look for girls all offering a service you seek, you can sort by said service and look for all the hot babes and cheap escorts offering that service for you - all a simple phone call away.  

A bit about Marylebone 

If you’re looking for a great place to take your date for an evening encounter and wish to start the night with a lovely dinner, there is no better place to go in Marylebone than the Le Relais De Venise steak restaurant, located at 120 Marylebone Lane, W1U, 2QG. This French chain has really hit the nail on top of the head by offering some of the best food in the area with an outstanding service that will really take your visit to the next level. If you take one of our girls on a date here, you have to try their steak signature dish - it is simply impeccable! 

For quite a while Marylebone has been known as a hotspot for escorts and premium call girls for a few reasons. One of which is the richness of the area, Marylebone tends to attract a wealthier type which is great for escorts but also, because the world is changing. Escorts are no longer street girls offering cheap experiences, even the cheapest escorts make a good amount of money doing what they do which means they can afford to live in such nice areas. We have girls in the area who have their own apartment and if you are ever lucky enough to visit one of them, you will really see the effort they put into their hard work. 

How to book a hot babe in Marylebone? 

Booking an escort has been quite a finicky task for the longest time. Back in the old days you would have to look through the streets for weeks at a time to find the right girl and even when you did, they might not be offering you the right service or the right price. This used to be nightmarish to go through, but nowadays, the whole process has been made so much easier that you simply don’t even notice it anymore! With Dior Escorts, we have made the booking process nearly seamless to the point where you can confidently breeze through it without a single worry. 

When you have picked a girl (or two) that quite tickles your fancy, give us a call on our contact number where your call will be answered by one of our professional call handlers who will guide you through all the information you need to provide for your booking and let you know of anything you need to be aware of before going ahead with your date. You will also have a change to ask our receptionist any questions or requests that you might have before your date. Great! Now all you have left to do is plan and prepare for your heavenly date. 

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