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Escorting is often referred to as the world’s oldest profession, and with good reason! Since the dawn of time, men and women have been selling their companionship for whatever reasons, and even in 2022, the demand for such companionship is ever-so-high. Of course, over the years, the industry has evolved with the ever growing shifts in society, constantly changing and getting better as technology and people progress; but even today, with the strides we have made in technology, there are more opportunities to see and visit your favourite escorts than there ever was before.

You may also find some of your escorts on websites like Pornhhub and XHamster where punters have paid extra to video their time with an escort while enjoying the wonderful service that you’ve already come to expect from Dior girls. Other agencies might use their videos as nothing but pure soft promotional videos, advertising the agency they are represented by. This can lead to some extremely underwhelming videos of the escorts that give you no assistance in the decision making of who you’re going to see; which is why at Dior Escorts, we have opted for a more effective use for our video gallery. Similarly to selfies, these videos, taken by our escorts, are a glimpse into the lives of these girls; they may not be hardcore porn videos but they are all sexy videos designed to get to know the lady a little better. 

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As an agency, our belief firmly lies in the idea that escort videos are the future of helping clients pick between the countless girls they would have to pick between, allowing you to not only glimpse a moment in time but a whole timeline of events in the lives of the wonderfully magical escorts that you so very much enjoy seeing. As the next step of evolution from selfie escorts and as the best way for clients to get a feel for how their date portrays themselves and acts, video escorts is the most promising new thing that we are incredibly excited about. We’d like to think that we are completely revolutionising the escorting industry with video escorts which sadly does mean that there aren’t hundreds of girls posting videos of themselves just yet - only about 20 so make sure to check these early adapters out! 

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Unlike selfies, videos allow you to learn a lot more about the personality of an escort. Think of selfies as 2D images, whereas videos are more like 3D experiences, allowing you to measure and see a whole new dimension of information that will help you pick the best escort for your date no matter your preferences. Whether your preferences lie in some of the Hottest Mature Escorts That London Has To Offer or if you prefer to pick your experiences based on services offered, such as a wonderfully intimate GFE, video escorts will make the decision of who you’re seeing infinitely easier to make. 

Technology and Escorts 

Phone Sex, Escorts, Cam Girls and porn stars alike have always been dependent on and affected by technology. In the past, a porn production would require a whole studio with a ton of recording equipment, a full production crew and equally overwhelming post-production. Nowadays, most porn shoots are either made with phones or cameras that are accessible for anyone to purchase and use without much professional training. This combined with the rise of platforms such as OnlyFans, there are now more opportunities than ever to connect with your existing and new audience and to earn some extra money doing the things you always have been doing. 
For some Independents and lesser known escorts, being a video escort can improve your visibility and if you’re an agency escort, videos can certainly boost your bookings by a degree and help you stand out from the crowd.