About us

30 April 2023

Dior Escorts Agency is coming up to its 12th anniversary.

Yes, that's right and very amazing; for 12 years, the agency has been up and running, and in that time, we have seen many changes, implemented many changes, and started some new crazies.

Our first attempt at a website was shocking; the London Escorts.COM had a terrible layout, awful design, and appalling UI – that didn't last long before we went back to the drawing board and got underway.

Our first Dior Escorts website was a co.uk domain, the Panda update hit the domain. It killed the site and nearly destroyed the business, but we regrouped, took what we had learned, applied, and gave you the top London escort agency you see before you today!

The team who runs this escort agency today.

James – the brainchild behind the concept, the one who wanted to change how escort agencies were run, the way you would book an escort and the one who first said, "Answer the phone as you would in any normal office".

With a history in recruitment, James took what he had learned and applied it to a business lurking in the shadows when it didn't need to be updated. What you see on the site today is because James thought of it and how to bring it to your screen.

James authors about 60% of the blogs published on the site and 60% of the "news" articles, which keep you up to date with the weekly comings and goings. In the first couple of years of the agency, you may have even got to speak with him on the phone.

James no longer has anything to do with the reception side of the business and chooses instead to oversee accounts, website content, adding new escorts to the sites, and ensure that he meets all the girls at some point – what a job if you can get it.

Rachael – head receptionist and co-owner, another member of the team with a history in recruitment, can we start to see a pattern forming here? For many years Rachael ran the whole reception desk by herself; back then, it wasn't a desk, more like a scrap of paper, and she has become very well known for her chirpy manner and always getting "it sorted".

A professional in what she does, you only need to read the agency review page; many of you love making your bookings when Rachael is the main point of contact. Usually, Rachael works Monday to Friday, 10 am until 8 pm (ish); of course, outside of these hours, she is still available and is dealing with escort enquiries, pre-bookings and a select few regular clients.

For the first few years, Rachael and James worked 24 hours a day, handling reception between them; this, of course, couldn't carry on, and James' new plan was implemented, the agency opening hours changed to 10 am until 1 am with Rachael working every shift, seven days a week.

Danielle entered the scene, a friend of Rachael's for years. Danielle has a background in public-facing roles and has dealt directly with the public since leaving school.

Danielle is very confident and comes across as such although she was very nervous her first weekend that she was left to "fend for herself", she coped and is now a dab hand at what she does. Danielle has built up a loyal following of clients who only wish to book directly with her and enjoy her forthright attitude.

Danielle is available from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon – unless she is away sunning herself in Dubai!

And then COVID hit.

We didn't know what would happen, and during the first lockdown, we shuttered up for over two months! It killed our growth – like many other businesses, and although we're an online business, our London escort agency needs people to survive, and there just wasn't anyone around!

Within a few weeks of reopening, it was clear that another pair of hands were needed, the calls had increased, the number of escorts in London had increased, and we wanted to extend our opening hours.

Claire – brought on board to extend our opening hours and give Rachael and Danielle some holiday relief.

Claire has a background in planning and logistics, one of the reasons she is so prepared; she held the same position for many years until the sale of the business she worked for.

Claire loves her role within the team and treasures that we have implemented new technology to make her job more manageable.

Claire is available to take your calls Monday thru Thursday from 8 pm (ish) until close, which can be up to 5 am, and Sundays from 7 pm until closing, around 1 am.

And there are more of the team.

The SEO diversion is essential to running this escort agency as the reception team. After all, so many of you have found us through search engines, namely Google; if you follow our progress, you will know that we are highly ranked.

Many edges go into running a website like ours, as well as on-page SEO; there is also the development side to it. SEO manager Leon takes tremendous pride and job satisfaction in ensuring that clients only get the best when they visit and that the UI is like nothing they've had before.