Casinos London

21 June 2018

If you're planning a fun-filled trip to London in the next few months, chances are you're planning on going out - London is known for its wonderful nightlife, and tourists and locals alike can agree that one of the best aspects of a night out in London is the incredible range of casinos that this city has on offer.

As a leading London escort agency, we understand that a lot of our clients love to sample the casino life while they are here, so that is why we offer an incredible range of casino London escorts.

You might not consider casinos when booking a companion from our high-class escort agency, but a visit to one of the best casinos in London could be a great idea for an evening out – and a really good way to show off the stunning lady that you will have on your arm! 

Many of our girls adore the casino vibe - there are some really good ones in London, some of the best casinos in the UK can be found here, so it stands to reason that here at Dior we have the sexiest casino escorts in London..

If you have never been to one then follow the list below and you will be going to some of the best in the world, taking your date for the night there will also enable her to show off just how sexy and yet classy she can be at the same time! A real winning combination.

Our Escorts' Favourite London Casinos

London has a lot of casinos. Some are of course a lot better than others, in this list we have put down our favourites and which girls we have taken there. There are also some underground casinos but in this post we will just be covering the main ones that our casino London escorts have experience with.

Please remember that you now need a photographic id and must be a member of these casinos to enter – this can, of course, be done “at the door” on your first visit.

The Casino at The Empire – 5 – 6 Leicester Square WC2H 7NA, the world series of poker has been hosted here, they also have a late bar (which is handy if you fancy a long night on the tiles). Found in the heart of Leicester Square, surrounded by the best nightlife that London has, really is a one spot shop for all. A great place to unwind and a favourite of Cherry’s’ – she is, in fact, the first person to introduce me to this place.

The Colony Club - 24 Hertford Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7SA, this casino has a private gaming room and is in the heart, in my opinion, the most exclusive area that the world has ever seen. We all know that I love Mayfair and spend quite a bit of time there. Visit the bar as soon as you enter and sample one of their famous drinks!

Maxims Casino Club - 45 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2EF, if you fancy American roulette then this is the place for you to go and that is what drove me to head there, Kim knew that I loved the black and red and thought this would be a great place for a date one evening. I have never stopped going back although this is not as refined as the others on this list it’s a fun place and you should have a really good time there.

Playboy Club London - 14 Old Park Lane, London W1K 1ND, the name says it all really a great place to be with a stunning female London escort or a Playboy Bunny. The bunny outfit thing has never really done it for me but these girls look OK, the first time I visited was for a staff night out! I felt bigger than Hugh himself.

Genting Crockfords London - 30 Curzon Street, City of Westminster, W1J 7TN, this is the oldest private casino in London and was based around the previous Crockfords Gentleman's Club - but because you know Dior Escorts. we can get you a table.

Sportsman Casino- Old Quebec Street, London, W1H 7AF, lovely to go to if you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and you and your date want to get to know each other. Located just around the corner from Marble Arch tube station Kate and Sophie May are close by – a lovely stop off. I took Delia here a little while ago and the night was really quite good, we had a few cold beers and spent a little money on the machines, I did love the fact that my win paid for my evening!

Delia in a very sexy red underwear setSophia May in a black bra

Delia and Sophia May have lots of Casino experience (£150 for an hour incall)!

Enjoy a Great Night Out with a Casino Escort from Dior!

We hope you find this list of great casinos in London useful when planning your night out with one of our London escorts.

These casinos are all places where you can relax, enjoy the company of a beautiful woman and maybe even win some money, all while surrounded by the iconic sounds and sights of a classic casino.

These spots are all perfect for enjoying the company of a high-class escort, and you can book the sexiest and most discreet escorts in London right here at Dior!