English Ladies Make For A Special Experience

24 June 2018

We are known for a lot of things when it comes to the escort scene in London, firstly and most importantly we have a Rachael, something that no one else has and let me break her down for you.

Rachael is a mid-thirties brunette, very posh but also very sexy – in a naughty way, kind of sexy secretary type thing, I would love to get hold of her but have always been too busy working my way through all the escorts in our gallery.

English ladies turn me on.

Well ladies from all over the world turn me on, I’m just that type of guy, creed, colour, race just doesn’t bother me, as long as the lady is sexy then I have got to have her but there's always a but and that far enough but here goes……

I love a sexy babe with an English accent, its sexy, there’s a very posh porn star who also escorts, Lara Latex, that I would love to get hold of. To be fair I would also love to get hold of Rachael – perhaps a short black skirt, black stilettoes, stockings you can imagine it! Lara Latex has something about her, she is very sexy, I first discovered her on Redtube and love her porn it was also great to find out that you can book her as an escort – something that’s on my list.

English escorts at our agency.

Over the years we have had a few English ladies at our agency, remember that we have been around for some time, not one of them have stayed around, that’s the same with the English escorts in London – not too sure how that works out around the rest of the world or the country. There have been some whom have been really great to work for, I always like Elle or Mistress Eve as some may know her as.

Currently, in our gallery you will find a few English girls, dotted around London, again our ladies offer both incalls and outcalls so you know where you stand, no worrying about having to sort out a hotel at such short notice – like some escort agencies in London expect you to do.

Back to Rachael and that sexy look.

Rachael has never been an escort she was in events management and worked at one of the top hotels in London, I did try and get with her then but she said that I was far too smooth and the fact that she had seen me back and forth with far too many beautiful women – I think she said I was a “player”? I enticed her over to Dior Escorts with my charm and the promise that I would never ever try to get hold of her. I get to take her out for dinner sometimes but that’s it – she is always far too busy.

Rachael is friends with all the girls, she gets on amazing with everyone and doesn’t care where you are from. This plays very while with the girls from Eastern Europe but especially well with the English babes – a number of our English escorts have been more mature and like dealing with a woman of the world and not someone who has never been anywhere.

Would you book one of our girls?

You have landed on this site because you want to make a booking, be it with one of our many English ladies or one of our girls from Eastern Europe or even some of our sexy Russians but would you head to one rather than the other for the nationality reason or is it the looks that do it for you. Some people say that our EE girls have attitudes but I can’t say that I have ever seen that