Escort Reviews

16 April 2021

The most convenient way for you to check out how an escort performs is to search for her online reviews. There are many sites on which you can do this and lots of forums where people go to review the escorts that they have spent time with, which I will discuss with you further on in this blog.

Firstly, I am interested to see if you read reviews. From my experience talking with clients, I find that they looked at the girl's images, their stats, rates and finally their reviews. So does seeing an escort with any reviews put you off booking her?

I always try to put myself in the position of a man seeking female companionship services and that is what helps us improve our agency. For me personally, looking at a girl with bad reviews is better than seeing no reviews. This would at least put my mind to rest that the girl is real.

The amount of “dodgy” or "fake" escort agencies in London has grown with more and more people using fake or stock images to advertise escorts. 

So how should you avoid fake escorts? Well, read escort reviews.


Why are Escort Reviews Important

Escort reviews are very important for an escort agency and the ladies which they represent to build trust. Running an escort agency is all about building trust amongst the public and word of mouth is a great way to do this; people give their reviews to friends on the escort girls that they have seen and you get a great circle of recommendation.

Escort reviews also help you find agencies and independents which are fake. I very much doubt that a six-month-old escort agency will have 30 – 40 reviews about its website. It is possible, however, I say this based on the fact that in this industry people are not as open to leave reviews due to wanting their experiences to be as discreet as possible.

Finally, from my point of view, reviews tell me which girls my clients enjoy meeting. If a girl receives great reviews, then I can recommend her to clients who ring up without an idea who they would like to see. Girls with great reviews can be found here. Sadly, some girls do receive bad reviews, which I am going to get into, but I can then have a word with these girls and if they don't improve then, they won't be at our agency for very long. This shows our commitment to introducing our clients with only the best escorts in London.


Bad Reviews Posted on Our Girls Profiles

Here at Dior Escorts we post all escort reviews, be they good or be they bad, the girls do love seeing good reviews go on our website about themselves, it lets them know that all the hard work that they have put into pleasing people hasn’t gone amiss and that they are doing something right.

Bad reviews, on the other hand, let us look at the girl, it also means that she must take a look at herself, now we know that some people just do not get along and we account for that but if the experience has been truly bad – yes it sometimes does happen, then we all have to look a lot deeper into things, we have removed many of the girls over the years because they have a number of bad reviews, it makes it such hard work for us. We do our job and if a lady performs poorly then all our work is for nothing.

Have we spoken with the girls about these reviews? Of course, we have, as soon as these reviews reach us we are in contact with the girls, as much as the same as we are when they get good reviews. We let each one of our escorts know when a review comes in, as we have said before this helps with the service that is offered.


Where to find Reviews on Dior Escorts

If you want to read the reviews which have been left for our girls, we have published our latest reviews on our website homepage. Scroll to the bottom of our gallery of girls and you will find just over 10 of our latest reviews.

You can also find reviews on the girl's profiles themselves such as Dee here. At the bottom of every girl's profiles, you will have the option to leave a review or read existing reviews. Here you will find all of the reviews that have been left for the lady, who's the profile you are currently on.


Our Recent Reviews

Since the easing of lockdown, we have had a lot of old girls return. To mine and Rachaels surprise we did think that the old girls would be very popular but its the new girls that have stole the spotlight. Girls like Sacha, Teagan and Ellie have really been three of our most popular girls, with great reviews left.

Sadly however, not all of our girls have received great reviews - you can not say we don't publish all of our reviews. Poppy, despite being one of our most beautiful ladies has not had great reviews recently due to her attitude so we have had to speak to her about providing our great clients with a better service.

We are always trying to make our service better and that is why leaving reviews on our girls profiles is so important. You can also leave reviews on external escort review websites.


Escort Review UK Websites You Can Use

The most famous escort review UK site is Punternet, this is a great forum and you will find details of escorts up and down the country. Punternet is very strict with which reviews they accept and have a system in place to turn down fake reviews. On Punternet, you can find our agency account here. We currently have 62 reviews dating back to 2013.

There are many others, however, which include The Erotic Review, Punterlink and even the agency websites themselves. The Erotic Review is a very established review website and Punterlink has been a popular website for escort seekers for many years. This is due to the fact Punterlink has a directory, forum, photo gallery and of course an escort review section.


How Should You Write a Review

If you are writing a review to be shown on Dior Escorts, then you will need to complete a quick review form on the girl's profile. Let us know when you had the booking, give the girl a star rating and tell us about your experience.

We publish all suitable reviews, bad language is not accepted on the site, neither are reviews that we feel to be false. We also have to delete a great many “spammy” comments that are left by either “bots” or people, of course, we will not have these types of links leaving our site nor coming into it.

If you are thinking about writing a review on an online platform then there are some things I think you may want to know. Firstly, there is no point in writing one if your planning on saying the woman you saw was ‘good’ or ‘just what you wanted’ – yes these comments are nice for the escort but they do not help any future customers as you haven’t stated what was good and what the escort did that made her everything you’d wanted. 

Secondly, make sure you put as much information for that particular woman as you can; sites such as Punternet allow you to copy the woman’s online profile URL into your review so it is sure to connect to the right person. 

Lastly, be honest. In this industry one bad review could ruin a woman career, income is based solely on first impressions and what you say could jeopardise that. There is nothing worse than a woman reading a review that prevents her from gaining further work knowing that what is written is completely false. So make sure your review is 100% accurate and honest.