Fleet Street Escorts

13 May 2013

Once upon a time long, long ago there was a far away land that was stuffed full of funny looking men in rain macs, wearing trilby hats, carrying big cameras with bigger flash bulbs and each of them smoked – yes they smoked in an age when it wasn’t bad to smoke, in an age when you could happily smoke in doors without the fear of the anti smoking Gestapo barging in and locking you in the broom cupboard until you see the error of your ways. Since writing this article I have become a non smoker and my life has become some what more dull, I wonder how many great news stories have been broken over the desk of two juno’s enjoy a fag?. That area my dears was Fleet Street the heart of all the great British newspapers until many moved out in the 1980’s after the printer strikes. Remember at this time the papers where printed in the basements of those massive buildings which line the street and early morning the road was lined with lorries waiting to be loaded up to go and deliver the papers

Today Fleet Street has lost some of its character the days of the hurried journalist hurrying to make his deadline has been replaced by bankers strolling along on their blackberries or Iphones, making big money deals from behind their latté. The great thing about the area changing is the fact that you can now find some very sexy escorts in Fleet Street, these lovely girls love to entertain the very high class bankers who work there. One of the biggest and most known banks in Fleet Street has got to be Morgan Stanley; I hope by the time that I have published this they are still there.

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This road gained the name Fleet Street because below it runs one of the many London underground rivers, the River Fleet, over the course of time many of the rivers which were main features in the city have been built over to make way for roads and buildings. Fleet Street falls under the postcode of EC4 so another search that would bring you up what you desire would be EC4 escorts.

The more that you look into the area that more you will be impressed with its history, I guest it is one of the reasons that London has become so popular and why it is so busy, it just makes me wonder if, back in the day, there had been many escorts about who busy would they have been?


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