Gatwick Escorts

02 April 2013

Here at Dior Escorts, we have a selection of women who are happy to visit you both before you fly and after you land. The majority of bookings we get for these types of visits are for Gatwick Airport. Gatwick airport is one of the major airports in South England, mostly due to the fact that it is not very far from Central London.

In fact, it is only about 30 miles away but don’t let that fool you, the London traffic can often mean it will take you an absolute age to get there. If you are driving you will find Gatwick airport just off of the M23, there are various shuttles and trains which can take you there from London but unfortunately, because it is not inside the M25 there is no tube station close by. That’s the difference between Gatwick and Heathrow, having a tube close by is a great help in getting people too and throw.

Gatwick airport is made up of two terminals, The North Terminal and The South Terminal and the airport has two runways, there has been lots of talk of adding a third by this has been met with strong opposition from locals and green activist alike because of what it will do to the landscape and surrounding areas, not to mention the increased levels of air pollution.

Enjoying a Date with Escorts in Gatwick

I, personally, prefer flying from the South Terminal because I believe that they have the best seafood bar and there is no better way to start a holiday than a glass of champagne and a few oysters with a nice fresh lobster. Also, there is the added bonus of the Hilton Gatwick being located here; South Terminal Gatwick Airport (RH6 0LL). You can book a room for as little as £90 per night, the bar in the hotel is a great stopping point and a wonderful place to meet up with some of our Gatwick escorts.

You will also see a number of the air stewardess’s enjoy a drink on their downtime and some of these lovely young ladies are a sight to behold. Outside of Gatwick airport, there is a very big commercial presence; with thousands of companies all working of the back of the airport. As you would have probably guessed there are lots of freight forwarders who deal with goods coming in to and out of the country but don’t let this fool you there are still plenty of places where a quiet evening can be had with one of our Gatwick incall escorts. These women know the area well and will be able to whatever kind of evening you wanted to have.

There is nothing like spending time with an escort in Gatwick either before or after a flight, it doesn’t matter if you have or are going to be flying long haul or short haul; you should start or finish with one of our Gatwick girls. If you are an escort in Gatwick or nearby Crawley then please feel free to get in touch with Dior Escorts London as we are on the lookout for the best girls and can offer some of the best representation services. We have a recruitment tab on our website, or you could phone and speak to Rachael on 02038595225.