Guernsey Escorts

11 September 2013

As part of my endeavors to spread the word of DLE across the global I am going to focus on Guernsey, yes that little island which makes up the Channel Islands along with its brother Jersey and is part of the United Kingdom, although it is closer to France. Guernsey is an island that sometimes might sit in the shadow of Jersey. Some of us know Guernsey for its cows and the ever so popular Guernsey cow’s milk. This little island is a gem in the ocean that lies discretely between England and France.  But those who have been to Guernsey have fallen in love with it.

Just because Guernsey is small does not mean the choice of Guernsey escort is bad, in fact it is quite the opposite, you will be completely delighted with the quality of escorts in Guernsey, these ladies are very hard working and spend some much time making sure that what they offer is the perfect date. You see being a professional companion is not easy, especially when you are in the class that these ladies are, hair, nails, make up and clothes must all be top of the line.

Guernsey is a very high class place to be and that is why we love it because it is located a little further South of the UK this reflects in the weather and you can always expect to find it just a little warmer here than on the mainland.

The capital of Guernsey is St Peter Port and the whole island has a population of around 65000, so you and never going to be very crowed, the currency there is the Guernsey Pound, which can still be spent in the UK, and of course the British pound can be spent there also. There are two airports in Guernsey – Guernsey Airport and Alderney Airport, strangely Guernsey owns its own airline, there are of course smaller airports but these two are the only two suitable for commercial airlines. If you are travelling from London the best airport to use is Gatwick and the flight time there is about 40 minutes.

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