What Will Happen To The Sex Industry If We Go Into Lockdown For A Second Time?

03 August 2020

In a world where we can still go to the pub with our friends, but are not allowed to visit family members of different households, some local authorities, town and cities are going back in 'lockdown' amongst concerns there is going to be a second wave of the Covid 19 outbreak. 

For many people, the first outbreak of the coronavirus lead to loss of jobs and worst bereavements. All industries have been hit hard, apart from toilet roll and hand wash manufacturers, but one industry no ones considering whilst the government are announcing the 'Eat out to help out' scheme are sex workers. For some ladies and gentlemen, escorting is their entire career and being a contact profession, it is impossible to social distance. So what does this mean for Dior escorts and the adult work industry?


A Second Lockdown?

I can't sit here and pretend to be an expert. You will have see that I have wrote hundreds of news and blog posts on Dior Escorts, but I just see an trending topic and put my two pence in. Obviously, Covid 19 is going to be a topic on everyone minds for a least another year because i can't see it just disappearing but this of course brings together its own concerns.

It is looking like we could be going back into lockdown - Maybe Boris Johnson shouldn't have lifted restrictions so soon. Hindsights a great thing though and we will never really know, all we can do is keep living our lives and prepare for what the government announces. However saying that a second lockdown is scary especially as a business owner.

As you may have guessed, we made no money during lockdown, not a bean, but don't feel sorry for us. We are a business and had reserves. The people you really should feel sorry for are the ladies. Here at Dior Escorts, we try to help out the ladies we represent and we make sure they are safe at all times but not everyone in this industry has the same ethos as us. Sadly, there will be girls who are exploited and forced to work during lockdown putting themselves at risk of getting infected.


Why Should The Government Be Helping Sex Workers

What many people do not understand is that a large proportion of ladies turn to sex work because of the difficulties accessing Universal Credit. Being an escort can be a lucrative career, with some girls earning thousands a week to spend time with wealthy gentlemen, but isn't it strange how no one mentions that the government who fights sex work is one of the biggest reasons for some ladies looking to work independently or for an escort agency.

With some many ladies turning to sex work because of struggling to access Universal Credit, you would believe that it is because the economy can not afford to help escorts. Wrong! In 2014, sex work contributed £8.85 billion to the UK economy which has since increased over the last 6 years. 

So, why are escorts who bring so much money to the economy treated so badly, criminalised and not offered help. Escorts can not apply for grants, can not be furloughed. What are these girls meant to do?

My advice would be for sex workers to join sites like Onlyfans where they can start to earn money whilst social distancing.


My Final Thoughts

Personally, for myself and Rachael who have been London escort agency owners for nearly a decade, it is sad that the government and members of the public have just a negative opinion of escorts that people are happy to see sex workers suffer. Escorting is a profession which is wrongly looked down upon which sees these lady treated below the standards we ourselves want to be treated.

Regarding Dior Escorts, we will remain to operate within the government guidelines. We closed our doors when we was in full lockdown and started taking bookings again once it was safe. We have all possible procedures in place to keep escorts and our clients, so you should have no worries when using the escorting services of London escorts represented by our agency.

I will leave you with this thought. Is it right to enjoy your half price Nandos whilst professional companions struggle to pay their rent, eat and live especially when some escorts have families who rely on the income just like everybody else.