James and Rachael Dine Out

08 August 2012

Every now and again I decide to treat Rachael and myself of course, to a slap up meal in the City. Being the owner of a London escort agency, I have always tried to recommend to my customer's excellent places to enjoy time in the company of companions. Of course, this means me and Rachael travelling across London to experience restaurants and hotels ourselves before recommending anyway to you guys. I know, its a hard life.

That is why in this blog I am discussing my adventures as me and Rachael dined out the other night in a place I think you guys will love. So continue reading to know a little bit more about what we got up to.


Finding the Perfect Spot For a Dinner Date

I met Rachael just off of Brompton Road at one of her favourites, Pied a Terre. I looked the part, she looked the part and the nightlife in London was as it usually was, buzzing. I don’t know if it’s the people, the lights, the iconic buildings or all of it wrapped up into one that makes London such a fun place to be when on a night out. Even when going for a meal you feel a sense of pride as an Englishman in the capital. You walk past men and women going about their lives just as you are, oblivious to the majority of what is going on around you.

There’s something about a woman in Prada that takes my breath away but Rachael in Prada leaves me gasping for air like a fish out of water. She twinned this steamy number with her new hair-do and a classic pair of black Louboutin’s – I think these just might be my favourites. I fell in love with Louboutin’s when I saw Rene Zellweger interviewed on the Jonathan Ross Show on Friday night, they seem to make them a pair of sexy legs somehow look sexier.

As always, Rachael started our night out with a Cosmopolitan – I think she’s watched far too much Sex in the City. I stuck to what I know best and ordered a Malibu and Coke - smart and straight to the point if I do say so myself. The restaurant Rachael had booked us in too proved to be a delight as always, we tucked out way through plate after plate of superb dishes. Scallops and Beef for me whilst Rachael decided on Foie Gras and Lemon Sole; all came looking like they’d prepared it for a magazine shoot and we made sure we captured the best shots to later make others jealous. Despite initially wanting to share a dessert, I was soon talked out of it by Racheal who had her eyes set on the White Chocolate and Cream Cheese Mousse. I didn’t get a spoonful of that mousse, not a bloody spoonful – the greedy woman!

We got lost in the atmosphere of the restaurant talking about the past and the future whilst completely ignoring what was going on in the present. Hours could have passed and we would not have had a care in the world, she seems to know what to say and when to say it to keep whatever we’re conversing about flowing. When our time together had come to an end we each headed our separate ways, Rachael unfortunately off to her little hideaway and myself back to mine. Not a moment passed that night that didn’t have me thinking about what could have been.


My Recommendation

For those of you who are hooked and are despite to know which restaurant we dined at, me and Rachael visited Gaucho Piccadilly as we had read this article about romantic restaurants. I personally can not recommend this place highly enough to you guys. The food, the service and the atmosphere were perfect.

So why not visit Gaucho Piccadilly with one of our many gorgeous girls like Rachael are available for you to have an experience just like this with. We are happy to give advice on Restaurants in the City and any other enquiries you may have. If you are interested in hotels in London be sure to read our other blogs