London Escorts on Holiday

27 March 2017

So it seems that the bad times are out of the way, at least for a little while anyway! I am glad to report that the bookings at my London escort agency are on the increase and the number of girls who are leaving town has dead down a little bit. When times are quite in London the best and most sexy escorts always seem to leave, now I am not saying that those who are left are anything bust amazing but when you have girls like Daisy go on holiday then you really do start to miss them.

Daisy is one of the best escorts in London, check out her profile to see her reviews and you will be gobsmacked at just how good she is, remember that each and every review on any one of my websites is real!

London Escort Daisy

Daisy is located in South Kensington and she is in her early twenties, she has the most amazing body – not an ounce of fat on her at all, she has beautiful dark hair which runs down her back and silky smooth skin, she is very dark but that is her natural skin tone topped up, just a little bit, by the sun. Daisy works really hard, I don’t think that we have ever had a complaint about her and she is very busy with repeat bookings which just goes to show.

When you meet Daisy you are going to be shocked at just how much she looks like her photos, she is better in real life.

Daisy has such a great collection of clothes as well,l I will tell you about her sexy outfits in a minute, she just seems to dress so well, its like she doesn’t have to make an effort at all! Everything just seems so right on her which is so nice to see.

If you want Daisy to dress sexy for you then you are in luck, the outfits this sexy London escort owns will blow your mind, she has a better collection than any other escort that I know!

Dior Escorts - Daisy

Daisy not only has some great outfits, when I go to see her I like her to dress as a sexy French maid, I like it when she wears black fishnets and when she bends over the very short skirt that she had on just rides above her bum.

Like many of the other sexy escorts in London Daisy has some great underwear but she just wears it better than anybody else.

Book Daisy and don’t miss your chance before she goes on holiday again!