Why we are the new mistress providers to London

27 March 2020

For many years, Dior Escorts has been providing London’s most incredible escorts to so many of you and we are thankful for each and every booking. With years of high-quality customers service and feedback, it has become clear to us that there is one niche that we have not been hitting as well as maybe we possibly could: Mistresses. 

One thing that has always been important to us as a business is recognising when there are moments we can improve the experience for our users and customers. There are many other agencies out there who are all to list as many services as possible to compete with our talented girls but the reason that we have remained on top for so long is because we do not list services or categories that are not true to the girl. 

Searching for the most incredible mistresses across London

The reason why the mistress and BDSM market is so difficult is that it is hard to find girls who can live up to the customer’s expectations. We wanted to make sure that before we even dipped our toe into the industry, that we knew we had a selection of escorts that could more than compete with the girls at other agencies across the city. We first held open applications and in time, recruited escorts from some of the largest BDSM Escort agencies in London. That’s right, some of your favourite girls from your favourite mistress sites are now Dior escorts.

Getting the knowledge right 

So many agencies go into the recruitment process without really knowing what it is that they should be looking for. We hired a team of experts to reach each specific kink, each BDSM subcategory and everything in-between to make sure that when the phone call comes, you can count on Dior to send a beautiful mistress your way who knows exactly how to put you in your place. 

Types of Mistresses available at Dior

To make sure that we got every category correct, our expert split the services up for us. These include: 

Kinky Escorts - Escorts that have a genuine love for things a little naughtier. This broad term can describe many things and is more of a general phrase for the encompassing categories 

BDSM - Probably the most famous, BDSM is the act of using bondage, discipline, Sadism and Masochism for sexual arousal.

Erotic Wrestling - Thing WWE But with a naked girl who has your head trapped between her powerful thighs. The submission of control can be very exhilarating.

Bondage - Tying up, being tied up, whichever way you look at you’re not going anywhere 
Latex - escorts that like to wear skin-tight latex are often the naughtiest, feel free to try one ourself. 

Spanking - smacking an arse until its red raw like lamb in “Kitchen Nightmares” 

Strapon - Being pegged is becoming more and more common. This is where the escort wears a strapon dildo and has her way with you!