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16 June 2013

They say great things come in small packages and well here at Dior Escorts that is true, you see Dior Escorts is not a massive escort agency, we do not ascertain to have hundreds on girls working for us but what we do promise is that the girls you will find here are some of the best escorts in London that you will find anywhere on the internet or in any magazine. Of course many of the other escort agencies in London proclaim this as well but can they tell you, hand on heart, that they visit  each and every girls apartment to check out that the apartments meet the standards that we  require, can they promise you that each girl is met and interviewed to, number 1, make sure that they are using genuine pictures, yes we know that you can get a software to check to see if the pictures appear anywhere else on the net but can this software tell you if the girl actually looks like what is shown in the photos well we can. Number two, we have to make sure that the girls personality meets the standards that we require and if she is going to blend in with our clients and the other girls. For our escorts in London blending in with the other girls is very important because how can you arrange a duo escort appointment if the two ladies do not get on.

Running a agency for escorts in London can be very stressful, namely because of the competition, you see anybody can open up a London Escorts agency and lots do, it is really is a situation of only time can tell, there are only a few London escort agencies which have stood the test of time and we aim to be another. That is why we run the agency like we do, we do are not another fly by night, you will still see us around in years to come.

Many of our escorts in London have been with us since the start, James knew them before he opened up Dior Escorts but we also have a consent flow of lovely new girls that are always joining us, this get this from either word of mouth or they find the agency on the internet. We have also made sure that the reception team are tip top, you will not call Dior Escorts and be greeted by a voice you cannot understand, all the reception team are English and all have many years experience in public relations. If you want to call and have a chat about the girls working today or would be interested in finding out a little more about us then please give us a call.

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