More about Dior Escorts

05 July 2018

They say great things come in small packages and well here at Dior Escorts that is true, you see Dior Escorts is not a massive escort agency, we do not ascertain to have hundreds on girls working for us but what we do promise is that the girls you will find here are some of the best escorts in London that you will find anywhere on the internet or in any magazine.

These days there are so many other escorts agencies for you to pick from in London and the truth be told we pretty much all do the same thing, most have the same ladies on – of course, we don’t have as many as some of the other purely because we are a little more selective of who we work for.

We have thrown a few little changes into our agency.

Rachael is very well known, those of you who call up on a regular basis will know that she puts a lot more effort in and is a gem to speak with – some of you try really hard to get Rachael on the town for the night but it doesn’t work but keep trying though – I think she likes it.

You will see that more and more of our lovely escorts are adding selfies to their profiles, we started this around 2 years ago to give you a helping hand when it comes to picking out which of the lovely escorts you want to see. Our selfies gallery is now the most viewed subcategory on the site, which considering how many we have is a pretty mean feat!

The other escort agencies in London.

Will tell you that they are bigger than us – in terms of girls yes but an appearance in Google I doubt it. There will tell you that they are much more professional than us? Well, what I suggest you do is making a booking via our agency then make a booking via theirs and see which goes more smoothly. This article is not here to slag off other agencies but just to point out our really good points!

Setting up an agency

Anyone can do this, anyone can run one – it's like any other business, there is no difference at all but what makes the difference is just how you do it! Dior Escorts is 7 years old this summer, yes 7! That’s some going for the industry we are in. We have seen many changes, agencies come and go, girls come and go, clients come and go but we are still here. It has also taken a small fortune to do this, the websites are no problem, our first one cost less than a £1000 and was great, what makes it expensive is the advertising.

Getting our advertising right.

Over the past 7 years we have been everwhere and not all have been right. We have advertised on some of the biggest directories there are and got no work at all! We have spent thousands on SEO work to climb up the ladder only for someone to send us spammy links and drop us down – I would say this would be another agency who wants our work for them selfs. You are only going to get this right over time and I think we have finally got it.

Page 1 for London escorts

Hardest keyword term to bring anything up for. Its true, it takes more time and effort than anything. Your up and then bang! Thousands of spammy links. And that’s the thing about us here, we won't be gone overnight, another great thing about our escort agency, we ride the wave, we don’t give it we keep on going. Not just because of the money- there’s no money at the moment but because we love what we do and that’s why you get more out of us!