Places To Visit In The Capital

18 June 2018

To accompany someone either as a date or as a protector couldn’t be closer to the truth when talking about the girls working alongside Dior Escorts. We believe that if you’re visiting a new city, such as the capital, the sheer magnitude of it all can be very daunting. That’s why we would suggest that you spend some time with a female escort (I know, of course we’d say that but honestly using a escort service such as ours you will be in the company of someone who knows the city and you’ll have the pleasure of being able to relax and enjoy your surroundings, whilst being in the company of a pretty young lady, that wouldn’t be so terrible would it?!).

We suggest many places each day for people to visit with their dates and we do have a list of favourites, some places that really do bring out the best of what London has to offer and of course we have tried each and every one of these to make sure, 100% sure, that they hit our standards.

Great places of interest!

The Tower of London; This was one of the main residences of the Royal Families of England. You can still see the famous Beefeaters there today and how can we forget the home of The Crown Jewels, located on the Northside of the River Thames and right next to Tower Bridge The Tower showcases everything that great about the history of our City

Buckingham Palace; A sure sign of the power England has (And for your information, if the flag is up the Queen is at home). Buckingham Palace has been the centrepiece of many of the Royal celebrations; you can now visit certain parts of the Palace at certain times of the year. The Queen has a massive big garden which is a focal part of Central London, there have been a few break-ins at the palace but, thankfully, the intruders have been caught before any real damage could be done.

Trafalgar Square; A great place to visit because it’s coated in history and it’s free! Home of the famous Nelsons Colum- can anyone tell us why Nelson faces the way that he does? I have sent a little bit of time walking around here with a few of our escort girls, many of them are new to London and want to see things such as this and, me being born there, they know that they get to see another side.

London Dungeon; OK not the most romantic of places but we promise your date will be holding onto you with all her might! Located in Tooley Street  SE1, getting here can be very easy and once you're done here why not visit one of the many bars or pubs in the area. Please a great place to take one of these special ladies, if you like a little bit of whip and tickle – something that I would love to experiment with.

Rounding up!

As you are probably aware there are so many sights to see in the great city, far too many to list in one post. These are your standard London sights, the ones you really should go see and strike off the list but with so many events and place going on and to be seen we’ve decided to keep you updated with regular instalments of the best sights for you to visit while in the capital, places that you and your chosen lady can visit together. We will try and keep you updated with as much info as we can to make sure that your time in London is as fun as fun can be and after using a Dior Escort girl as a guide you really will see a completely different side to everything.