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15 February 2016

Partly based in two London boroughs Regents Park, NW1, is one of the Royal Parks of London it contains two very famous features one being London Zoo and the other Regents College. Escorts in Regents Park are very sought after; they would be, as so many people pass through the area each day and lots of these people would love to be able to visit our sexy Regents Park ladies

Contained  at the centre of Regents Park is Queen Mary’s Garden, this is the most looked after area in the park, there are a couple of roads which run though – Outer  Circle and Inner Circle, but the rest of the park is purely for pedestrians. Our Regents Park Escorts enjoy the grounds of the 410 acre park and you will regularly see them on the boating lake, enjoying the water fall or indeed practicing their artery.  There is such a great selection of actives to do in the area that it is no small wonder people keep coming back for more, I am sure some of them have even visited Winfield House, which is the official home of the US Ambassador stationed in the UK.

The lake is Regents Park is only 4ft deep, this is due to a accident which happened nearly 150 years ago, the lake was frozen over and people were ice skating on it, unfortunately the temperature had warmed slightly causing the ice to weaken, the ice broke and nearly 200 people fill into the ice cold water, 40 of those people died. The lake was closed and filled in so the depth at its deepest was only 4ft.

There are nine villas built in the park, including Winfield, which have housed some very important historical figures over the past years, obviously you wouldn’t be able to get planning permission there now, so there will never be any more built.

When it comes to Regents Park escorts we have all the basis covered, our the selection that you will find in our gallery is completely amazing and really hard to beat. This is because we just do not have ladies located in the area but all around it to, thus offering you the best selection.

The Open Air Theatre, located in the park was opened in 1932 and holds 1200 people it is also home to the longest bar of any theatre in London and is the only part of this theatre, which is under cover. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the stage and staging area, this is one of the most well equipped theaters that you will ever have the pleasure in visiting and you will find it to be sold out most days and nights. Jeremy Irons is amongst the list of great names who have made appearances there and was known to enjoy a drink or two at the bar after an event!

The Garden Café, once again located in the Inner Circle, is one of the best spotting points on your trip to meet up with one of our ladies, this little gem was first opend in the 60’s and was called “The Little Chef”, it has lasted a great deal longer that its name sake and although the other was more well known you are sure to get a better bite to eat here.

Danubius Hotel, Lodge Road, NW8 7JT is one of the most popular in the area and is very well known for its friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere and great food. This hotel has been awarded 4 stars and really does seem to live up to them




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