Sexy Roxy

20 June 2018

Roxy was a very sexy brunette lady who was with us from the very beginning, she used to work hard and had a great following of clients. Unfortunately, Roxy let her work slip, went from one of our best-reviewed girls and ended up with some terrible reviews posted around the net – some on our site, she also started to have problems with many of the reception teams across London and we had to remove her from our agency. We were one of the first to do this and many others followed suit, the last that I heard Roxy had returned home. If it is a brunette that you would like to see head over to our brunette gallery and you will be greeted by a vast selection of the best looking ladies ever.

This was Roxy

Roxy is looking hot, she is one of the ladies that has updated her profile and got some brand new pictures, I will write more about the other girls a little later on. I guess the great thing about Roxy is the fact that she is one of the hottest escorts in London and also the fact that she is also one of the most open-minded ladies that you are ever going to meet. Roxy is also such a great company, she is just so friendly, I always love seeing her and meeting up for tea or coffee. Roxy lives with Holly – another dream of mine who is also so damn fine, they share a beautiful apartment in Kensington, not very far for Gloucester Road tube station, it is one of the nicest apartments that any of the other escorts have, it is beautiful with a lovely terrace. The girls always have champagne on ice – a great way to start a date! The view from there apartment is beautiful, you look down their tree-lined street and there is Cromwell Road – its mind blowing

Roxy looks great

Roxy has beautiful boobs, the last time I saw them they were nestled behind a black fishnet body stocking, again what more could you want? Her body is trim, she works out a great deal. Roxy also spends a great deal of money on beautiful, her hair and nails are always perfect and you will love the clothes that she wears. Roxy is the ideal dream date.

The brunettes at Dior Escorts

Dior Escorts have always had a great choice of brunette ladies but if you really want one whom ticks all the boxes then Roxy is a good starting point, she is one of the more expensive ladies on the site, her one hour incall rate is £300 but I am certain that you will all agree that she is worth it, I know for a fact that some of her regulars want her to up her rates so that fewer people will book her and that she will have more time to spend with them – this did not happen and her rates went down along with her service, Roxy was one of the biggest wastes of talent since George Best.

A London Escort in that higher of demand is a very rare thing, its great for the lady in question but for the people trying to book her it can be very hard, they all want to experience that naughty side of her.

She is just so beautiful

Why keep her to yourself! Roxy is also one of the top escorts to take out on a date, you are going to turn every head wherever you go just because how hot she is, I have got to say that I even love it when she is just wearing jeans, her beautiful bum looks boundless.

To book Roxy or any of the other ladies on our website all that you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call

Sadly, since writing this blog about Roxy, she is no longer with our agency. If you would like to see more of the girl who is available to our agency, click here