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Shoreditch Escorts

14 February 2016

Wow!! An article about Shoreditch escorts that actually contains something about the area of Shoreditch, yes I kid you not! When we write our articles we don’t just aim them at Google, we don’t write them just to appear on the first page of Google for “Shoreditch escorts” we actually write something that will contain some info for you, our loyal customers, the people that make our escort agency tick over because if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be writing anything about Shoreditch escorts at all. I would probably be stuck somewhere doing a job that I didn’t love, staring at a blank computer screen dreading the journey home. Well enough from me, let’s get on with the article about Shoreditch escorts, where you can find them, how you can book them and most of all how you can enjoy them!

Shoreditch is based towards the East of London and falls under the borough of Hackney, you will find it lying above Old Street, where of course you will find some lovely Old Street Escorts, and next to New North Road. Hoxton and Old Street are the nearest over ground tube lines and the number of bus routes that run in and out of the area is countless, if you fancy a walk you could also get a train to Shoreditch High Street train station, which is a little out of the main part of Shoreditch but is on Shoreditch High Street.

Now the origin of the name Shoreditch has been debated for many years but the most popular answer is that Jane Shore, one of The Kings mistress’s was buried there in a ditch, therefore “ Shore Ditch” but it more likely that it refers to the fact that the area was used as a sewer. Shoreditch did not become part of London until the late 1800’s before that it was classed as Middlesex. During the course of the 1900’s the area became one of the slums of London and until recently has suffered decay. Now days the area has become very up market and is filled with City workers who find the commute to Central London very easy and the prices of property much lower.

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