Escort Videos Ranked - The Top 6

20 June 2024

Video profiles have become a huge craze amongst the escort industry over the last year, which is why you will have seen that we have a video escort gallery featured on our website. From adding a gallery which only features ladies with videos on their profiles, we have seen a huge increase in visibility to that ladies profile showing just how much you guys love the softcore porn videos our ladies are creating. 

So, just to make it even easier for you guys to enjoy the best videos our girls have made, we have decided to rank which ladies have the sexiest videos that you need to watch. I've watched all 50 videos our escorts have posted to the site and here is the top 6. Think of it like a Buzzfeed top 6 list, but much sexier.


Devon really delivers in her video, while still leaving a little to the imagination. This gorgeous 25 year old European escort makes sure you get a good look at her pert 32B breasts in a tiny, sparkly black cut-off vest top… As if that wasn’t enough, she then pans down to her long shapely legs, in knee high socks and underwear. You also get a good look at her gorgeous face with her large lips and captivating eyes. The video is nine seconds of your life that you’ll never regret spending. 


Zoey is very popular as you can see by her rave reviews. As if her sexy pictures weren’t enough to tempt you, Zoey’s video really captures her vibrant personality. Her pale skin is glowing, her hair is done, she’s put on a revealing - but not too revealing - top and she makes sure you get a great look at her large, shapely lips, with a mischievous smile, and her beautiful eyes. You can see her cleavage in her low-cut top - and it’s enough to get any guy going. This open-minded 24-year-old is so popular for good reason. 


Stoya is an Eastern European knockout, and her video will certainly get you hot under the collar. Underneath her skin-tight leopard print fishnet outfit, Stoya wants you to get a very good look at her long shapely legs and her juicy big ass. She even gets down on all-fours to give you the best view possible. She then goes on to show you her tight top and completely flat stomach, before waving that delicious booty in your face. This blonde girl also has a beautiful face as well as a stunning body. 


A drop-dead gorgeous Turkish escort, Aylin leaves plenty to the imagination while teasing you in  a tight white PVC outfit. She takes us back to the noughties by filming with her phone in the mirror, but shows you how long her thick, black hair is, and her shapely thighs that you’ll be dying to bury your head between. The cut-outs in her tight outfit will get your mind spinning, desperate to see what’s underneath. You’ll also get a good look at her lovely face!


Elegant and classy, Pupi’s video shows off her playful side as she blows a cheeky kiss to the camera. Her low cut top shows off her natural, large 32B breasts to the camera and she rounds it off by giving you a dazzling white smile as she runs a hand casually through her long, pale blonde hair. Pupi gives off an air of mischievous innocence… But we promise that she knows how to be naughty. And who could resist the face of an angel? She definitely used to be God’s favourite!


This Eastern European escort is a catch with her long dark hair and captivating big blue eyes. Blossom’s video shows off how confident she is - this is a girl who truly owns her sexiness and femininity. She shows off her assets in a cute yellow and orange underwear set that you’d love to help her out of. Bisexual and open-minded, Blossom’s video also sees her turn around so you can get a good look at her big ass, and you can clearly see how beautiful she is with her long black hair and gorgeous face. 


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