What Services Do Dior Escorts Love the Most?

12 October 2023

At Dior Escorts, we understand that the best escort experiences are those where both parties revel in mutual pleasure. But what services get our girls’ hearts racing? 

In this blog, we’re pulling back the curtain on the services that our escorts look forward to the most, so you can spoil them with a good time they won’t forget.


69 is an incredibly popular position that leaves everybody happy. With double the intimacy, double the satisfaction, and double the fun, it’s no wonder our escorts love it so much. 

Our escorts are incredibly well-versed in this erotic art form, making them the perfect partners to explore it with. Whether you’ve never tried it before or can’t get enough of it, indulging this craving with a Dior Escort is a surefire way to put a smile on both of your faces. 

Better yet, it’s a rainbow position, meaning that it can be explored regardless of your sexuality. Trust us, once you dive head-first into this adventure, you’ll quickly establish yourself as your escorts’ favourite client.


What you may be surprised to discover is that our girls love duo adventures just as much as you do! They’re delighted to work as a team, joining forces to hit the spots that require an extra pair of hands. 

If you head over to our Duo gallery, you’ll be presented with escort models who thrive working together. They have innate seductive chemistry, and go the extra mile to double down on your delight. 

From shared massages to double OWO escapades, these ladies are always up for a good time. Allow us to share some elite duo escort combos, so you can meet ladies who tick all of your boxes:

Beau and Tee: If you can’t decide between blondes and brunettes, why not have both? This duo will take your breath away with their sultry features and innate charm.

Kit and Wren: This pair of brunette, skinny angels have worked together for a long time, and never fail to put a smile on our clients’ faces. For a quality experience with two of our finest models, these are the ladies for the job.

Lucy and Summer: These enhanced goddesses will fulfil your bimbo and threesome fantasy at the same time! Tempting, intoxicating, and oh-so sexy, these real-life pornstars will send your pleasure soaring. 

Dinner Date 

It’s no secret that a dinner date is the key to a woman’s heart, and this is especially true for our Dior Escorts. I mean, what lady doesn’t love the chance to slip on her sultriest dress, and be lavished with attention and delicious food?

Treating one of our charming ladies to a dinner date is a surefire way to get her heart racing. And with so many delightful restaurants in London to choose from, you’re spoiled for options when it comes to where to go!

With an escort like Bambi, you can gaze into her eyes over a candlelit dinner table and engage in top-tier conversations. It’s also the perfect backdrop for your time with a GFE, and an excellent way to get to know each other before taking things to the next level. 

Once you’ve shared this intimate and romantic experience with one of our girls, we’re sure that this will become a firm favourite of yours too.


For our Dior escorts, few things ignite their desires more than the art of striptease. They relish the opportunity to tantalise and dance for an appreciative audience like you. With their sultry curves and impressive collection of lingerie, they're true connoisseurs of the craft, making them the ultimate choice for a seductive striptease.

Indulging in a striptease experience with one of our escorts is not just a feast for your senses; it's also an absolute delight for your schedule. You have the flexibility to choose whether you'd like to enjoy this sensual performance in the comfort of your own home with an outcall escort or in the private and luxurious setting of an incall location. This tailored ensures you have a stress-free and utterly enjoyable adventure, all designed to set both of your desires ablaze.


Last but not least, we have domination services, an adventure where a Dior escort revels in showing you who's boss. Expect whips, chains, and a titillating adventure from start to finish.

What makes this so enjoyable for our girls is the power and control they have over you. They love witnessing you submit to their will, as they show you no mercy and push the boundaries of pleasure and pain.

When it comes to being dominated, the possibilities are well and truly endless. From the more subtle forms of BDSM to exploring the more outlandish pleasures of Watersports, you can enjoy an experience that is catered to your unique satisfaction.

So, whether this is your first time dipping your toe into the world of BDSM or you’re an experienced submissive, we’d recommend giving this unique escapade a try for yourself.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed our deep dive into the services our girls love to give the most! Thank you for taking the time to visit Dior, and we welcome you to try these elite escort experiences out for yourself.