Why are TS Escorts so Popular with Punters?

15 February 2023

Ts escorts or transgender escorts offer unique and specialised services to their clients, the typical draw for some of them being pre-op, thus possessing two popular assets instead of one. In the past year, the search volume for ts escorts has increased significantly alongside their demand. This is why at Dior Escorts, we have a gallery of shemale escorts in London starting at £300 an hour who are excited to explore their clients' sensuality with them. 

Why have trans escorts become so popular, and what can you expect from spending an evening with one of our beautiful companions? We have delved into some of our customers' reasons for booking transgender London escorts to help you understand our most popular categories!


Why are TS escorts so popular?

For those seeking trans escorts, they are looking for a unique and exciting experience. Our ts companions offer more than ordinary escorts, specific to their client's needs.

For example, Angel is a Brazilian babe with supermodel looks that appeal to any punter, especially with her full bust and dazzling smile. Alongside this, she offers popular services from a massage to A level, allowing clients to explore her body in ways they have never done before.


Safe and Welcoming Environment

Many visit trans escorts because they offer a safe and welcoming environment for those curious about exploring their sexuality. They understand the unique challenges and needs of those questioning their gender/sexual identity. 

They are also knowledgeable about the LGBTQ+ community and can provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment for those feeling uncertain or overwhelmed. Additionally, trans escorts often understand and respect an individual's boundaries, providing guidance and support as they explore their sexuality.


Judgement Free

Due to the social stigma that still, unfortunately, persists surrounding trans individuals, clients may feel judged or uncomfortable about visiting a trans escort in London. 

However, our escorts understand that their clients are likely to come from various backgrounds and experiences and pride themselves on providing a space for people to explore their gender identity without fear of being judged. 

They allow people to express themselves without fear of negative judgement, mockery, or discrimination. Additionally, many trans escorts have been in similar situations and can offer an insight that someone who may not have experienced a similar journey may not be able to.


Tailored Experience

All our escorts are open to negotiation when exploring your desires and can provide a tailored experience for you! 

Our trans escorts understand that when you book, you want to explore your desires in ways you have never done before. Lara loves experimenting with domination and roleplay, enhancing it beyond the ordinary escort experience that only a London ts escort can!


Understanding their Clients' Desires

The trans escort experience is often more intimate and personal than a traditional escort experience, which can give clients a greater sense of connection and respect. This greater sense of intimacy will enhance your pleasure regardless of your needs and desires.



Punters often visit trans escorts because they offer a form of escapism where they can express their true selves. With it comes sensual freedom, allowing clients to explore their sexuality in a way that is not typically available in everyday life.

For some, trans escorts are the ultimate fantasy! It may allow them to combine their desire for an A Level service with an enhanced bust that has always turned them on. 

Ultimately, trans escorts provide a space for people to explore, express, and accept themselves in a way that is not always available in everyday life. This sense of escapism can be incredibly freeing, helping clients to feel seen, validated, and accepted.


Tips for Meeting a TS escort

  • Be respectful and courteous at all times.
  • Ask questions about the services the escort offers, and be sure to get clarification on the boundaries of the services before you meet.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the cost of the services before you meet.
  • Respect the escort's privacy and do not attempt to share personal information without their permission. 
  • Respect the escort's boundaries, and do not pressure them to do anything they are uncomfortable with. 
  • Be prepared to discuss safety and health concerns.


How to Book 

To book one of our stunning ts models, you can complete our online booking form or contact a team member at 0203859225 to discuss your ultimate fantasy!