Babestation or Redlight TV

11 April 2013

As a complete change I am at home this evening, sitting indoors in relaxing clothes, shorts and a t-shirt, with a glass of red wine, decentered of course, and some cheese and biscuits, very metrosexual but I am still do the age-old man thing of “channel hopping” that’s rights boys and girls I am sitting on the settee holding the remote going from channel to channel not watching a damn thing but flicking I have watched a little of every channel and still found nothing, a million Sky channels and there is not a sausage on. What is the point of this post you may ask, we don’t want to know that you are a sad bastard on your own with not a friend or a girl about, well today what I am writing about is Babestation programs? It seems that Babestation has almost disappeared and has been replaced by a number of other shows, Red Light TV, Studio 69 and another that seem to showcase the ugliest girls that I have seen!

Red Light HD Logo

What is the point of these channels or shows, how have they become so popular, ok so they are filled with good looking girls, scantily clad in sexy outfits and high heels – love high heels I have got to say, but you don’t get to touch them, you spend a small fortune, over 1.50 a minute just to talk to the girl and ok we know that they get really filthy and you can so a lot but come on guys and girls you don’t get to touch and I can’t see the point of it all. Dirty filthy talk and no touch, no get the end, no great date and no sexy girl in your presence.

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The girls are always busy and I know that they are some Babestation girls who escort but come on finding an escort agency and book one, don’t spend hundreds on a call there really is no point what so ever. You are getting all of the teases and know of the please and I can assure you that the girls who you will find on our galleries will look as good as those that you see on the screen.

Real Life Vs The Screen

The great big difference is they can be all yours, you have no fear on someone listening in to what you are saying, no massive phone bill but all you get is beautiful women all to yourself. For the life of me I will never understand it and I will never get it, don’t get me wrong as a quick flick through the girls look good but would I ever spend a great deal of money phoning one of them never.

If you would like a little light relief and don’t want to waste your money book a Dior Escorts girl, if you are a Babestation babe or a Redlight girl who would like to try your hand at escorting then please feel free to get in touch and we will see what we can do, go on over to the recruitment section and fill out an online application and we'll respond as soon as we can we'd love to have Babestation Escorts and Redlight girl Escorts join us.

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