Cadogan Place escorts

16 February 2016

Cadogan Place is a very exclusive square located just off of Sloane Street in Knightsbridge, the square is formed around Cadogan Place Gardens – an oasis in the middle of London and reminds me of the garden that is featured in the film “ Notting Hill” – which starred Hugh Grant.

Why here?

The reason for this blog is to help those of you whom are residing in The Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel and who are looking to see an escort, this hotel is one of the main hotels in the area and draws people from all over the world – hence why some lonely souls may be looking for a little company and would want the help of a escort located in Cadogan Place.

The Jumeirah is located at 1 Cadogan Place, SW1X 9PY and is one of the most exclusive hotels in Knightsbridge – maybe even London. It is host to a great bar and a very nice restaurant.

There’s so much to tell you about the area.

I would be able to write pages and pages of info but that’s not why you are here so I will keep it short, something that I am not used to doing but have been told that I must!

40 Acres of land were sold off in 1777 just on the out shirks of Belgravia, in the very middle of this a small part of greeny was left untouched, the reason for this was someone loved plaints and The London Botanic Gardens were formed, stocked with plaints from all over the world this was a enchantment to Londoners, even back then, and gave the people living in the area something great to visit. The years have gone on and today what is left is called Cadogan Place Gardens – strange that a NCP car park is built underneath! It’s a private garden and you must hold a membership to go in there, many of the local residences are of course given this – it’s only available by invite!

Escorts in Cadogan Place.

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Jasmine in a sexy gold dress

Like making any booking with our escort agency this is very simple, all that needs to be done is for you to pick up the phone and dial our number, each call is dealt with in the strictest confidence and none of your personal information is kept or passed over to 3rd parties.

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