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Captain 69

16 February 2016

Interesting week this. For the past 2 years we've had a warning on your account of Captain69 that it had come to their attention that we used fake pictures. I'm going be completely honest and say the first 2 months of Dior we did, we had too. We were brand new, no one had heard of us and completely new to this world. However a couple of months was all it took to get our gallery looking amazing, genuinely amazing. Word of mouth really was the only way forward. I do believe Monica and Raisa are 2 of our original ladies, as is Christine. That's saying something right?

So since then we have gone from strength to strength but still, the warning appeared with a little note underneath stating that we give assurances that the pictures are now genuine. But let's be brutal, who reads on after 'fake pictures'? I wouldn't. But finally, after 2 years, the warning has come off. It was a good day that! It goes to show that the hard work, the genuinely amazing girls and the service we give our clients is paying off.

In light of this we asked all the girls to forward us an unfiltered, unphotoshopped, natural picture of themselves. We see the girls regularly for drinks, and fun so we know they look amazing in the flesh but it's always good to have on hand, photographic evidence. A few times I've had a client book one of our ladies for 1hour, after 30 minutes he is on the phone wanting a refund saying she looks nothing like her pictures. Oh really Sir? What makes me chuckle is that if you opened the door and a completely different girl was there, or you found the lady not to your taste or standards why go 20/30 minutes before you decide that actually, no thanks. It's like drinking the whole bottle of wine bar a small glass or devouring a steak, except a small gristly mouthful and then stating that actually, you hated it. It didn't wash, when I was a student working as a Waitress and it certainly doesn't wash now. You cannot fill your boots without paying for the pleasure. And what gets my goat, I find it so very rude!

So yes, the photos are genuine, and yes the photos are filtered as you'd expect. But the girls you see in the picture, is the girl that you will see in flesh. And for all those wannabe half hour refunds it ain't never going to happen. However, you'll be pleased to know that many of our girls are happy to take 30 minute incalls, so there won't be any need for any fibbing or embarrassment. I do believe, this should make everyone happy!

Rachel xx

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