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Chelsea Bridge

16 February 2016

Chelsea Bridge is located close to Battersea Park, the road which runs across it is called Chelsea Bridge Road, also known as the A3216, Chelsea Bridge Road runs into Lower Sloane Street on the north side and Queens Town Road on the south side. Chelsea Embankment and Grosvenor Road run across it on the north side. At our London Escorts agency, we have a fine choice of escorts near to Chelsea Bridge. The latest Chelsea Bridge was opened to road traffic in 1937, it is 213 meters long and 21 meters high unlike Tower Bridge there is nowhere for you to visit so you must marvel at how grand it looks from pavement or river level. The Pestana Hotel is located close by at 354 Queenstown Road, SW8 4AE, it is the closest hotel to the bridge, this is built in a development that house’s apartments that range up to £5million and our Chelsea Bridge escorts love visiting these for outcalls.

The first bridge in this location had work finished on it in 1857 and it was  Victoria Bride, named after Queen Victoria, the bridge is a suspension bridge and when it was opened was made a toll crossing to draw back some of the money that had been spent on its construction. This proved very unpopular with the locals so Sundays were made free to cross, because of how narrow the bridge was it was very unsafe so was renamed Chelsea Bridge to take the Royal Families name away from it. If any of our elite Chelsea owo escorts want to get from South of the river back to Chelsea this is the bridge that they use.

In 1934 worked started on taking the old bridge down and putting the new one up, this is what you see before you today and we think that it is one of the best looking bridge’s long the River Thames, this is now a Grade 2 listed bridge. Another thing the bridge is famous for is the starting and finishing point of the Chelsea Cruise, this is when a lot of car and motor bike fans get together to show off their “tuned up kit”, the pie stall on the south side of the bridge is also a meeting point late at night for people of all classes who stand together to enjoy a cup of tea and a meat pie, you will even find our very own James their on a Friday night if he been out chauffeuring on of Dior London Escorts top clients.

If you want the perfect view that includes the River Thames and the picturesque Battersea Park then Chelsea bridge wharf in the only place you should be checking out for your next apartment. The apartments come with 24 hour concierge service, underground car park and let’s not forget that the water gardens at the centre of these lovely apartments.

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