Titbits from James

11 March 2013

Oh my god!

It is so cold! I choose to walk home from the office last night and I couldn’t believe how cold it had got, my feet were literally freezing and yes, of course, I didn’t have big warm boots on. No yesterday I decided to wear a pair of Chelsea boots that I had ordered online, from a company that I saw advertising in the back of GQ Magazine, these guys make your boots to order, some being me I opted for a navy blue suede pair with a pink stretch panel. Ok I am being a bit big headed here but paired with light blue skinny jeans and a thick blue roll neck I looked good! This weekend I had also decided to invest in a duffel coat, yes my friends a duffel coat, from Zara. High Street I know it still shocks me!

Anyway, I hope that I am not boring you with the trails of my outfit but it leads me into something very nice. Last night the lovely Paulina, one of the original blonde escorts in Bayswater, who joined Dior Escorts right from the beginning was booked for a dinner date. At the time of the booking, I did comment on what a perfect choice the lady had made and how Paulina was, as well as being a great looking blonde girl, a fantastic dinner date companion. Well, Paulina arrived at the offices of DLE before her date and I must say that she looked tremendous, short skirt – black of course and the most killer heels I had ever seen and let’s be honest I see a look of pairs of high heels. Well she looked knock out but ever so cold, so what I decided to do, instead of having her wait around for a taxi to take her I offered her the use of the company car, can you imagine the sight of a stunning blonde escort pulling up outside a restaurant in a black Merc with black tinted windows and how good it looked her swinging her legs out.

Remember Dior Escorts just don’t arrange dinner dates for you, we can also book blonde incall escorts for your pleasure, we have a number of top of the range cars at your disposal, spend your time this Christmas with one of our lovely young ladies who will sure put a Christmas smile on your face and help you forget about the cold!