What is Coming To Dior Escorts Soon #SPOILERS

19 November 2020

Hi guys, as you all know we are in yet another government lockdown, due to Covid 19, and it has given me and Rachael time to sit down and chat about everything Dior Escorts - normally I'm out busy meeting up with the girls and enjoying the hustle and bustle of London. 

Over the last few weeks, me and Rachael have been talking about the lockdown, how its effected our agency, how its effecting our clients and generally chatting about what we can do to. It may come as no surprise that our agency has seen one of the worst years since opening over 8 years ago. With two lockdowns and the need for people to isolate, London in generally has been quiet and this has had a knock on effect with our agency, but this won't stop us. We have some very big plans coming soon, which I am going to briefly discuss in this blog. SPOILER ALERT!

Before then, I would just like to add that me and Rachael are the type of people where our glass is half full and there are always things to still be thankful for, such as the good health of our team and our clients. We want to look on the brighter side of what has been a really bad 2020 for everyone and finish the year strong. So firstly, we would like to say a big thank you to all of clients during this year who have been very patient and understanding. It has been tough closing the agency down for months at a time, but our ladies have really had some great things to say about the gentlemen who have used our services this year. Secondly a thank you to the girls who have all been amazing this year. Now onto the spoilers


Help out to eat out


You might be thinking, James what does the EAT OUT TO HELP OUT scheme the government introduce months ago have to do with Dior Escorts. Well, its simple. Here at Dior Escorts, are introducing a new discount system where you can get 10% off a booking with an select few escorts in London each week/month. We are hoping to start this scheme at the beginning of December, call it our Christmas gift to you and fully have the system running throughout 2021.

Closer to the time, I will write a dedicated blog about how our discount scheme is going to work, so make sure you check back for that. Don't worry it is incredibly simple, you don't need to do anything apart from book an escort offering the discount during that time period. 

Me and Rachael think its a great idea to help out our clients by offering cheaper experiences. The standards won't drop and neither will the dedication to our clients during this tough time. So if you are on the furlough scheme, lost your job, or looking to save some pennies over the Christmas period, hopefully this scheme can help you out.


More Sexy Ladies Are Joining The Team

Around this time of year, a lot of the girls 'go back home'. As you know a lot of the girls you find on Dior Escorts are from Eastern Europe and around Christmas time most of the girls go home to be with their loved ones. If you find that your favourite girl is set to 'AWAY' on the gallery, don't get yourself down. This means you have plenty of opportunities to meet the amazing new girls that we are going to be adding to the agency very shortly. We have more babe, more selfies, more videos coming to our gallery in the coming weeks. So we hope you enjoy.