Where have all the girls gone

13 August 2023

London's Hottest Escorts: Where Are They Now on Summer Getaways?

When it comes to work, I dread July and August. Many of our favourite ladies leave London for their summer holidays, whether it's visiting family worldwide or sunbathing on a sexy beach, sipping on a Pina Colada.

In this news article, we'll dive into the whereabouts of some of the most desired London escorts who have temporarily left the city and will return in September.

Discover the Luxurious Destinations of London Escorts

Greece proves to be a hotspot for our escorts, with stunning ladies enjoying sexy Greek Islands and relishing the blissful beaches. One such lady, Versi, adores Crete and has discovered delightful hidden coves to retreat to. We're confident there's no shortage of people eager to rub sun cream on this sexy Brazilian's back.

A beach in Crete

Unwind and relax next to a very sexy escort on a beach like this.

On the other hand, Pippa is basking in the Spanish sun, showcasing her beauty in a white thong bikini and radiating sensuality at a scorching 35 degrees.

Experience Their Jet-Setting Lifestyle: Travel Companions on Luxurious Getaways

Dubai is another favoured destination for our ladies, and you can make your holiday unforgettable by booking one of these escorts to accompany you as a travel companion.

The sea lapping at a beach in Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the best beaches in the world.

Both busty escorts Kelly and Beauty are in Dubai, taking a break to relax and unwind. Picture yourself lounging on the beach with a sexy blonde on one side and a sultry brunette on the other. Blissful, right? While they enjoy their holiday, the rest of us hold down the fort!

Busty blonde escort Kelly dressed in see through mesh

Kelly loves some sun and enjoys showing off her very sexy figure in sexy swim wear.

Staying Connected: The Reception Team's Engagement during Their Absence

Even when the escorts are away, the reception team remains devoted to serving you. We're open as usual, with over 100 of the world's best companions for you to choose from. Our three receptionists update you via WhatsApp status reports, informing you about the ladies' return and who is currently available. We'll even let you know which escorts will be leaving London in a few days, giving you the opportunity for a last-minute booking.

Unveiling Their Secrets: Preparations Before Leaving London

These beautiful ladies put in extra effort before their holidays. They hit the gym, ensuring their already stunning figures are in shape. They fine-tune their diets, always ensuring they look their best. Of course, they never compromise on partying, even while on vacation.

When it comes to packing, it's all about outfits, outfits, and more outfits! Can you imagine being a hot and sexy London escort with a killer physique, selecting skimpy bikinis, high heels, and sun cream? One lady who loves to dress well is Ava, a stunning brunette babe near Gloucester Road, listed in our travel companion gallery.

Very high and sexy Gucci espadrilles

Open toed, high espadrilles - surely a massive turn on for anyone?

Another addition to the site is Harriet, a captivating ebony escort with a fantastic figure and alluring curves. Packing for her holiday will surely take some time!

The Return: What to Expect from London Escorts

For all the latest information on the return of escorts, speak to Rachael. She has a list of when each lady is due back in the country and when they'll be available for bookings. Stay tuned and be prepared to reconnect with your favourites!

We hope you found this post helpful and insightful. Running an escort agency of this size involves a lot, especially during the summer months when holidays and time off play a significant role for our reception team.

To see which ladies are currently available for visits, check out the main gallery on our website.