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06 January 2013

You have arrived at a great place to find escorts in Westminster,  here at Dior London escorts we have a great selection of all types of girls to choose from and a very friendly English reception team to take your call.

Westminster is an area in London which is very famous for being home to the House’s of Parliament and also home to Westminster Abbey – which is one of the most famous churches in the whole of the world. It also is the final resting place of some very famous people, and we are not talking Celebrity Big Brother here, Charles Darwin is buried in the Abbey! Westminster Abbey is also the place were most of our Kings and Queens have been crowned, it was once also the home of the Crown Jewels but that was a very long time ago and ended badly.

Although Westminster is now part of Central London it didn’t start off that way, a fact that our Westminster escorts are pleased has changed. The City of London was the main part of London and it wasn’t until London started to grow that it engulfed Westminster. Another famous landmark in the area is Big Ben, now most people that this name refers to either the tower or the clock, well those people are wrong in fact the name Big Ben refers to the bell, the bell is cracked down the right-hand side which is why the bell rings out of tune, something that I bet many of you have never noticed.

If you are interested in architecture then Westminster is going to be a great place to have our models act as travel guides. Let our girls take you around the sites and whilst you are there, why not enjoy the free attractions like the British Museum. Save the pennies by taking in the sights of Westminster, so you can splash out on enjoying a longer booking with your companion. Another plus is the fact our models know the area like the back of their hand so they will be able to really give you an in-depth journey of the city and show you aspects that you would have never been able to appreciate.

Parliament Square is located outside the House’s of Parliament and also Westminster Abbey, surrounding the square are a number of pubs which you are always sure to find a number of MP’s is based around this Square you will also find a number of our Westminster escorts. We have Westminster ladies for incall and outcalls, who are both blonde and brunettes.

So if reading why punters book escorts in Westminister has whet your appetite, why not visit our gallery of models are see for yourself why our ladies are so popular. Return to our Westminster escorts gallery now to book an escort. You know you will only be kicking yourself if you continue to fight your urges. There is a reason why the demand for escorts in the area has never been greater than right now.

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