A Date Away with Tabitha and Maelle

09 March 2023

There are a lot of escorts to choose from at Dior Escorts, so I wasn’t sure who to pick at first. I was expecting to be drawn to one or two women but, if anything, I was spoiled for choice. There really is a wide range of women available, many of which really ticked the box of being my ‘type’ and I wanted to make the right decision. After a little bit of umming and ahhing, I decided on Tabitha. She stood out as being a sexy and gorgeous woman, and she looked as though she had a naughty side which I liked. I immediately noticed on Tabitha’s profile that she offered duo services and I was instantly interested. I hadn’t booked two escorts at once before, but I felt like treating myself to something special. Eventually, I decided to add Maelle into the mix. Like Tabitha, Maelle is a busty brunette, and that’s exactly the kind of woman I like. Armed with my two choices, I made the booking and arranged a date for the next day.

Travelling Into London To See My Chosen Escorts

Though I live slightly outside of London and I know escorts are willing to travel, I booked a hotel in Central London for the three of us. This gave us somewhere to relax, unwind and really enjoy each other’s company. Before we got down to business, we went for a drink or two locally. This really gave a ‘date’ element to the encounter, which I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who is thinking about booking an escort at Dior Escorts. Not only did going out beforehand help to calm my nerves - after all, who wouldn’t be nervous being greeted by two gorgeous women? - but it gave us a bit of time to get to know each other. By the time we were back at the hotel, everyone was relaxed and having a good time.

Sexy brunette Tabith is wearing a black dress Maelle is pouting at the camera in a very sexy way

Tabith and Maell 2 very hot and sexy brunette escorts

When We Arrived At The Hotel

Once we entered the hotel room, I couldn’t believe how quickly Tabitha and Maelle got things started, and they really made sure that every minute of my booking was used for sexual pleasure. They started by kissing each other, and then me, and then the touching really ramped up a lot. It wasn’t long before I felt myself excited and ready to move onto something more, and I could tell that they felt the same. Both of these beautiful babes are busty and curvy, and the lingerie they were wearing really flattered them. Tabitha was in a sexy black set, whilst Maelle went for something red and naughty. The combination was incredible, and I could tell that these girls really care about their appearance. They were soft, supple and smooth. It was like something out of porn and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, getting to spend the evening with two of London’s premiere escorts.

The Night Really Got Under Way

Slowly and sexually, Tabitha and Maelle began to undress each other. I sat back on the bed, watched and became very excited. I didn’t know how much I could take of the teasing, but these two women didn’t want to wait around. They found the perfect balance between teasing and tempting me, whilst making sure that I didn’t have to wait too long to join in. Things quickly moved on to me and before long, we were all naked. Hands, lips and bodies were everywhere. It was unlike anything I have experienced, and it’s an image that’s certainly etched in my mind.

As things progressed, Tabitha and Maelle took it in turns to pleasure me. I can’t stress enough how erotic and intimate this experience was, and I quickly returned the favour to them both. I could tell that both of these women were experts, and they really knew what they were doing. One of the best things about being with a duo is that there are no awkward moments, no waiting for your go and no wondering what’s going to happen next. From the very beginning, it was a full on and fulfilling sexual experience. Not a second was wasted, which I appreciated.

Eventually, we got to the main event and these women didn’t hold back. We had briefly discussed my likes and dislikes beforehand, and I expected them to include one or two things in the encounter, but they made a point to tick every box. Every fantasy, fetish and kink was explored; I couldn’t believe my luck! They knew what positions to choose, and no one was left out at any point. I wondered if being with two women would involve a lot of taking turns, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tabitha and Maelle really worked together. I could tell that they were enjoying being with each other, just as much as I was being with them.

It wasn’t long before I was satisfied and I felt any tension leave my body, but the fun didn’t stop there. Tabitha and Maelle have stamina for days, so we had a few more rounds of fun before our time together began to come to an end. I was sad that my escort experience was over, but I’m not sure how much pleasure I could have taken! I said goodbye to Tabitha and Maelle, and let them know that I’d be back for round two very soon.

I Felt So Much Better and Calmer

Though I was nervous to begin with, I am so glad I chose Dior Escorts to book a duo with. These aren’t just women who are happy enough to be with other women, these are women who are sexually attracted and turned on by each other. I’m not sure another sexual experience will beat this one, but I’m willing to book Tabitha and Maelle again to find out for sure.