Uniforms and Outfits that the Clients Love Escorts to Wear

10 May 2023

It’s no secret! Everyone loves a little spice, and there’s no better way to get it than to have an escort dress up in one of her sexy uniforms or tight revealing outfits!

How A Sexily Dressed Escort Affects Client Perception

When a client books a London escort, one of the first things that many people ask for is for the lady to be dressed in a certain way as she opens the door. It's elements like this that get the time off to a great start - allowing the client to see just what a stunner the lady is and how much effort that escort will go to, to ensure that she pleases them.

Types of Uniforms That Add an Extra Oomph

Of course, there are uniforms that really “stand out amongst the crowd” and push everyone’s buttons; in this article, we will look at them and some of the ladies who own these.

Sexy secretary – Of course, it has to be sexy; no one wants a Plaine Jane opening the door, coffee spilt down her ill-fitting clothes, flat shoes on (how many ladies who work in an office have a pair of heels under the desk?) or a headset on! 

The typical sexy secretary outfit will include a white unbuttoned blouse, a very tight short black skirt, fishnets (I’ve started to get excited just thinking about this), and 4-inch high black stilettos. Elizabeth will only wear Louboutin, and a push-up black bra with matching tiny thong!

Elizabeth looks sexy in red bottoms

Naughty Schoolgirl – The second most requested of all the outfits and one that 90% of the escorts in the uniform’s gallery have! Perhaps this is so popular because it reminds us of our youth - a time when everything seemed so exciting.

Lottie is wearing her naughty schoolgirl outfit

Air stewardess – A trolley dolly spilling water in your lap, taking you off to the toilets to help wipe you down, her falling over in turbulence, and your cock landing in her mouth! You see where I’m getting at with this one, and perhaps, I’ve hit the nail on top of the head at why this is so popular.

Mischievous nurse – This is not your classic NHS nurse we are talking about here, and I doubt that many people will be booking a London escort to wear that ensemble. No, this is either shiny white latex with a very short shirt and boobs busting out her top. Julie has this perfect outfit, or a more “Carry on Matron” – Barbara Windsor was the subject of many a young man’s wanking fantasy!

A blue NHS nurse outfit

So many other uniforms get requested, but these are the most popular, as reported to me by our reception team.

Outfits That Match Different Client Preferences

Once outside of uniforms, there are many sexy outfits that our escorts love to wear! These outfits can be for standard GFE dates or can bridge into the full-on dominatrix experience. In fact, so many of our ladies now have complete BDSM kits; it’s another side of escorting that has taken off.

Everyone loves a sexy escort in an LBD (Little Black Dress) teamed with high heels and stockings. An LBD is a perfect outfit for any lady on a dinner date; the girls have great taste in picking restaurants.

Due to the popularity of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, the girlfriend in jeans and barefoot look hit new highs. This would give people the sense of an effortless, comfortable evening around a fuck buddy's house. Sunny has perfected this look for a few of her clients and even received some fantastic reviews for her efforts. 

The world is going mad with people and the fitness bug, which would explain why having a very sexy lady dressed in leggings, knee-high socks, and a multicoloured leotard with a thong back is another popular choice. Flower is just the lady you want to see in that outfit.

How Uniforms Enhance Satisfaction for Both Escorts and Clients

We can all get excited about how a lady looks, but wearing a uniform or an outfit can take the experience of meeting with an escort to a new level. It can be an icebreaker and help both parties relax. 

You see, the lady donning a different type of clothing to what the client is used to can remove any awkwardness that may stem from them seeing an escort.

First-hand knowledge tells us that bookings for escorts wearing uniforms and outfits are more significant than ever. 12 years of experience and dealing daily with over 150 of the best escorts London has ever seen makes us very knowledgeable.

Affordable Style Easy-to-Find Uniforms That Can Level Up Your Escort Game!

If you’re a new escort here in London and reading this, perhaps your dressing-up game isn’t that great, and you need to work on it. You can see from this article what you need, but maybe you don’t know where to get it!

Companies like Love Honey have the basics covered in uniforms and lingerie; you will struggle to go elsewhere because these guys have made it so easy.

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You can find both with a quick Google search, and your shopping cart could be full within minutes.

For outfits, if it’s just going to be an indoor dress – more than likely to get covered in something, then I would go for a company like Boohoo; it doesn’t matter if you only wear it once before it gets covered!

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And don’t forget your high heels!