Buying a gift for the escort you are going to see

01 April 2023

A question that the reception desk gets asked quite often is, "What can I buy as a gift?"

We're going to take a look at some of the gifts that clients have brought for the escorts, but do please remember that no one expects you to buy anything and it's out of the kindness of your own heart that you do.

Arriving to see an escort with a bottle of her favourite smelly or a nice, chilled bottle of rose is always a great way to start your time, especially if you have seen her a few times before; as stated in Rachael's etiquette blog, these gifts are not in lue of payment and don't entitle you to enter into the escorts life, they are just a friendly and thoughtful thing to do.

We ask some of our most popular escort ladies what's your ideal gift from a client.

Do all the escorts like receiving gifts?

Unfortunately, not, people have done this in the past and come to believe that the escort now "owes" them something – this is as far from the truth as can be.

It's best to communicate your request via our reception team. Then, no one can be left disappointed.

Now that's out of the way!

We ask some of our most popular escort ladies what's your ideal gift from a client.


Haifa is a connoisseur of luxury smells and is without a doubt one of the best-smelling ladies that I have ever met; she is constantly giving me ideas not just on what to buy but on how to layer, how to get the best out of a fragrance and where to buy them.

She tells us that her favourite scent is Boadicea The Victorious; it reminds her of holidays in The Med – you can book Haifa to accompany you on international travel!

Arrive to Haifa with a bottle of this, and we're confident you will receive a lovely smile in return.

Another lady who adores a very sexy smell is Martini; just last week, one of her favoured clients arrived with a bottle of Guerlain. This lovely lady knows Martini exceptionally well and loves this perfume herself.

This a brilliant example of learning about the people you spend time with!

Great gifts are shoes and lingerie, which are always appreciated, and you will also enjoy them.

It's true. What woman doesn't love a pair of heels or some sexy lingerie? Looking good makes everyone feel better. 

Just last week, Rachael was asked by a client what was Jude's favourite brand of footwear; he knew that she'd got a wonderful summer holiday planned and wanted to buy her some sandals. 

Jude was so pleased when the client arrived at her door for their booking.

Not everything has to be expensive.

Simple gifts like boxes of chocolates – I write this during the run-up to Easter, and I know that if someone gave me a Cadburys chocolate egg, I would be over the moon!

Flowers brighten up any lady's day; a fresh bunch from a local florist with always cheer someone's day up; the smell will linger in their apartment and remind them of you once you have left!

I've never known anyone to turn down a bottle of fizz either; bubbles make the time much more enjoyable!

Simple gifts are to everyone's taste as well; if you need to know the escort you are buying, please don't go overboard; you want to know their size or style.

Movie vouchers are always appreciated; you can turn this into an evening dinner date. I love a "cheeky Nando's" before a film, and I'm sure many girls do - Rachael says they prefer Novikov but i disagree!!!

Get a gift receipt.

People can feel awkward with gift receipts, but please don't; we buy things for other people to enjoy, and it's impossible to know everyone's exact taste and style, a gift receipt removes this problem. You want your chosen escort to be happy, which may mean they have to take a little trip to the shops.

Sex Toys.

Always a hugely popular choice, but when buying said toys, please make sure that it's a gift for her and not something for you. If you want to buy a toy that you would like the lady to play with – as long as she is comfortable in doing so, then go ahead again and agree on it first with our reception team; there is nothing wrong with that at all and can make your session so much more enjoyable for you.

If you buy the sex toys for her, talk it over first; buying a toy as a gift for someone you don't know can be very hard!

And please, if you are going to give your dream London escort a gift, only do so when you have booked; please, please do not arrive at their home unannounced.